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      In Case You Were Wondering with Milan Wheaton

      milan wheaton finley shirt butter blanca reliquia collective

      We're getting serious summer vibes from Milan Wheaton. As the NYC creative preps for winter, we're stealing her sunshine ideas and positive attitude. 

      Top 3 words to describe yourself:

      I'd say Fierce, Adventurous, Lover

      Top 3 favourite Reliquia Collective pieces:

      - Bowie Knit in Black

      - Finley Shirt in Butter

      - Samantha Blazer in Green/Black

      milan wheaton coaster set aeyre home reliquia collective

      Top 3 things your star sign says about you:

      My star sign is a Cancer.

      - I am beyond loyal to the ones I love and care for

      - I'm intimidating yet welcoming to new situations and people

      - I'm the one you call when you want to go out to dance, stay at home and order take out, and plan the whole friend's vacation start to finish :)

      Top 3 morning rituals:

      - Make my morning matcha

      - Tidy up the house and especially clean the kitchen (love cleaning the kitchen)

      - Skincare routine!!

      milan wheaton coro cup set finley shirt blanca aeyre reliquia collective

      Top 3 listens/reads/watches:

      I am a big movie and TV person so I have too many watches to suggest. hehe

      - "The Wilds" on Amazon Prime

      - "The Platform" on Netflix

      - "The Secret Window" with Johnny Depp

      - + a bonus: Anything with Denzel Washington in it :)

      Top 3 Instagram accounts for daily inspiration:

      - @okdeon

      - i-D Magazine

      - @f.miller.skincare

      Top 3 self-care strategies:

      - Biggest thing is giving myself space to feel things, but also an allotted time on letting it consume me, because it can take over and become something more

      - Watching something that lets me get my mind off of whatever it is

      - Listening to my instinct and what my body needs!

      reliquia jewellery milan wheaton

      Top 3 dinner date meals:

      My partner and I are huge foodies and love ALL cuisines!

      - Mexican food (Al pastor tacos, esquites, and a margarita)

      - Lebanese/Mediterranean food (wine, hummus with lamb, pita, halloumi fries, falafel and a Greek salad)

      - Thai food from the best spot in NYC - "Wayla." We get the Thai veggie curry, branzino, sweet chilli wings, and short ribs) yummmm

      Top 3 tunes to lift the mood:

      - Any Kaytranada song!

      - Paper Planes by M.I.A.

      - Pink + White by Frank Ocean

      coro cups aeyre home reliquia collective milan wheaton nyc

      Top 3 pleasures (there is no such thing as a guilty one):

      - Travelling! My dream is to do as much travelling as I can in life :)

      - Wine! Tequila! Love a great cocktail or glass of wine ;)

      - A true beach day!! Snacks, cold drinks, friends, music, beach chairs, a nap on the beach, ending with watching the sunset on the beach!!

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      Finley Shirt in Butter

      coro cup set green aeyre home reliquia collective

      Coro Cup Set in Green

      bowie knit black zip blanca reliquia collective

      Bowie Knit in Black

      coaster set red resin aeyre home reliquia collective

      Coaster Set in Red

      samantha blazer green black check blanca reliquia collective

      Samantha Blazer in Green/Black

      Imagery @itsmilan__

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