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P0LY Designs has taken our Instagram accounts and homes by a storm, offering perfectly cubic, tiled pieces - coffee tables, desks, bedside tables, and more. The power is in your imagination. To say we're fans is an understatement. Co-founder Lara Fisher takes us on a journey, giving us her daily insight, inspiration and what's to come.  

As mega-fans over here, we want to know - how did P0LY come to be?

A global pandemic, Instagram and a big leap of faith.

After losing my job at the start of the pandemic and with my partner Andy unable to work, we decided to go all in with starting a little 'side hustle.'

My partner Andy is a horticulturist and we have soo many plants at home sitting on the ground. We had an idea to make a little tiled plant stand, which turned out pretty great. I put a picture on Instagram...and well the rest just kind of happened from there.

What is your design philosophy?

Invest in classics and don't take design too seriously.

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Give us a day-in-the-life run down.

One of the luxuries of being self-employed is no alarm clocks. I usually wake up around 6.30 but I just let my body do its thing.

I love mornings, this is when I have the most energy throughout the day, and feel I am the most capable so I try to get as much done as I can.

My routine is coffee in bed first, always - this is when I map out the day and if I have any tasks I've avoided for a few days I might try to get it done before I get up.

Then, in no particular order.

Gua sha my face for a few minutes, take my dog for a long walk, listen to music, do some yoga (if I'm really on one), shower and brush my eyebrows up!!

Being a morning person I also love catching up with friends or clients before going into the studio - you'll find me at All Are Welcome, Florian, Napier Quarter or Cibi.

Usually we arrive in the studio at 9am-ishhhh. The day is filled with much admin for me (invoicing, liaising with clients about design concepts, driving around to my tile and grout suppliers, and answering emails/dms). Andy will be busy working on all our pieces - tiling and grouting.

We always have loud music on, incense burning and our dog Raf sleeping on the couch.

After work we go to the dog park and then home to make dinner (which we take very seriously at our house).

What is your go-to look for a day at work?

I have two work personas - client-facing fun outfits and overalls tradie outfits! I always keep a good shirt and an oversized blazer at the studio so I can go from work mode to semi-professional pretty quickly.

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Where is your workspace and what does it look it?

We made everything in our backyard for the first year and a half of P0LY which was wild.

We now have a little studio in Fitzroy North, Melbourne/Naarm. There's enough space to make all our pieces in the back and have a cute showroom in the front.

Can you share your top 3:

Current interior design trends

Paper lamps - Noguchi Wabi Sabi and Akari

Primary colours

Cobalt touches (our table of course)

p0ly designs interior inspiration

L-R: @rashmianurg, @mullervansevern, @p0ly_designs

Work snacks

Toast with tomato, olive oil and salt

We can't live without our Breville Oracle - many coffees are had throughout the day.

We have an Italian deli across the road, so we can always pop over for an amaretti biscuit.

Tunes running in the background

We usually listen to 1-5 hour sets - anything from jazz, techno, soul, hip hop. You'll never find us in our studio without music. 

PBS Breakfast Spread with Milo - everyday!

Skylab Radio

Worldwide FM

Refuge Worldwide

Self-care treatments

Yoga!!! If you run a business, you'll know it's virtually impossible to switch off so having a practice like yoga, whether you do it everyday or not is so important. Try Amy Carmody Yoga.

Coffee in bed every morning, also a non-negotiable.

Inspiring Instagram accounts

I love Instagram accounts where food and art collide. Some of my favourites below:





food art instagram

L-R: @tenderherbs, @yungkombucha420, @yip.studio_, @capbeautydaily

Designers to keep an eye on

Currently obsessing over Studio Henry Wilson.

What is next for P0LY?

We're really excited to keep exploring steel as a materiality. Like tiles - it's tough, timeless and super aesthetic.

We'll soon be releasing our new range of mirrors - they come with built-in shelves for trinkets, jewellery, flowers, etc. They can be made in any colour and size.

Imagery @p0ly_designs

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