More Love and Beautiful Things with Patrick Zaczkiewicz and Nathan Isaac

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As the final instalment of our Valentine's Day feature, meet Patrick Zaczkiewicz, stylist and creative consultant, and Nathan Isaac, dancer, choreographer and musician. The creative energy wells over and flows from the pair as they let us in on their relationship. 

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After 4 years together, I still look at you the same way I did when I first laid eyes on you, with so much love and admiration.

You're the most generous, supportive and passionate partner and I'm looking forward to continuing life with you.








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You're my hopeless romantic.

You never fail to make me feel special and loved. Every day and date that is important you make significant.

You're the soul I have always been searching for.









What is your ideal Valentine's Day?

P: For us, I think our ideal Valentine's Day is just spending quality time together and talking, doesn't matter where, it can be on our couch at home, but we do love a nice dinner.

N: My ideal Valentine's Day would be something straight out of an action rom-com. Adrenaline pumping activities followed by a romantic getaway candlelit dinner. 

And date night look?

P: Something casual that we feel confident in.

N: I like dressing up. Something traditional with a twist. Always a sexy boot and singlet.

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Can you give us your top 3:

Relationship tips - 

P: Honesty, communication and affection

N: I think these three words say it all - 




If you're truly in love with someone, all these become unconditional for one another.

Special tunes -


Nothing Without You - Tanerelle

Focus - H.E.R.

Find Someone Like You - Snoh Aalegra

N: Let me take you on a journey through Valentine's Day

While We're Young - Jhene Aiko

Lovesong - Adele

Skin - Rihanna

patrick zaczkiewicz stylist reliquia jewellery zodiac necklace

Acts of self-love - 

P: When I have some time to myself, I like to play music in the morning and immerse myself in magazines/books while drinking coffee, ultimate relaxation for me. Newest form of self-love for me is actually Pilates - it's a workout for the mind and body.

N: It's important to take time and do the things that make you happy individually. It's even better when your partner amplifies them and supports you. To me, making music and playing some sort of sport are what ignites my flame. A little bit of pampering every now and then doesn't hurt the soul either.

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