Aries Season: The Month Ahead

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March 21 - April 19

A passionate friend, outgoing daredevil and the life of the party. You're an energetic and unstoppable Ram, running laps around the rest of us (surely a bunny would be a more appropriate choice?). Storming into life with a competitive spirit, let's not deny your *slightly* reckless ways – hello, impulse decisions; goodbye, boredom.

The Month Ahead

Happy New Zodiac Year, honeys – it's a fresh start and a breath of new life as Aries season takes hold. Anything is possible; remember that. The dreams you've been harbouring, keeping secret from even your most loved ones? It's time to make plans and harness the opportunities at your dazzling fingertips. Lean into the outgoing Ram of it all and dress the part, too. This month, more is more: more gold jewellery, more glitz, more glam.

On March 25, the Full Moon occurs in Libra; a lunar eclipse, too, making this moment even more powerful, for better or for worse. Attached to connections, find companionship and cling to your cherished (do away with the chaff). Rest, manifest and go. The first Mercury Retrograde of the year starts on April 2, so pre-empt the communication chaos. Think first, read your text aloud, and leave extra time on the roads – we're always late as it is, let's not take it to rude territory. 



This Zodiac baby is growing up; it’s time to prioritise you and eliminate toxicity. Take ownership, note your biggest dreams, celebrate with a bottomless brunch (all your favs invited) and wear the absolute stunner Tatum Necklace – a gift of romance to yourself.


Prone to comfort, do some deep-seeking and inner-diving. What desires lie dormant? De-clutter your space, summoning the new energy and crisp air to improve the feng shui – it’ll make the soul-seeking easier. Curl inward with the Wanda Earrings.


It’s a good moment for your dreams and wishes to present themselves. Stay alert for new opportunities that serve these goals. There’s nothing like a fresh journal layout to keep things on track – your daily moodboard and inspiration. Get into the mindset with the Raegan Earrings.


Career is on the mind this month – what are your goals? How are you working towards achieving them? Remember to take time out to let the creative ideas flow, pushing you forward fresher and better than ever. Cue the infrared sauna (don’t forget to remove your Oaklee Earrings).

LEO / 

Check your passport and gather the essentials; exploration is on the cards. Find your renewed start someplace else, taking inspiration from the fashion, the food, the lifestyle and the beauty. Seoul is on the bucket list; pack the versatile Rayna Earrings for your trip.


Your tendency to overthink needs some attention right now. Consider where you’ve been and where you’re going, but listen to your gut over the brain. Intuition is everything (and rarely wrong), so tune in via a new yoga class – a perfect pairing for the Joyce Earrings.


Always balancing, ever the mediator, your relationships are rising to particular prominence. Whether finding new love or cherishing your girls, make sure self-care isn’t a stranger, either. Prioritise the morning greens and puppy cuddles like Emily Nash, wearing the aptly named Haven Earrings.


Out with the old and in with the new – routine, that is. List your practices and strike through the uninspiring, prioritising daily SPF and upping your H20 intake (what’s the sexy water verdict?). The Arrow Earrings will help you get to the heart of it.


Little wanderers, in the name of newness and revival, refresh your creative streak with an outlet so far unexplored. Knit a chunky blanket scarf to rival Lenny Kravitz and claim all the compliments as your own. Tres chic paired with the Tatum Earrings.


Questions of belonging make us all feel uncomfortable, but this is your time to find your community, your place, your retreat. Where do you feel most fulfilled and your most confident self? Make your external world smaller and take solo time to think, wearing the staple Shyla Earrings.


Release the ideas you’ve been bottling – in the right company, something might just stick. Combining forces, passions and creativity are the keys to follow-through. Join a Club Sup dinner party, bounce some thoughts and wear the Nori Earrings. Anyone could be listening.


An emotional time (again?!), look after yourself. Put value in your needs and capabilities, talents and dreams. Use your wardrobe to play with these characters and wear your expressions on your locks – bows, bows, bows and more. The Tatum Bracelet to amplify the vibe.

Imagery: Fond Antiguo de la Biblioteca de la Universitaria de Sevilla, @cindygreenenyc, @harel.ocante, @massive.archive, @resetnyc, Wanda Earrings, Pulp Fiction (1994), @giovannamartial_.