Autumn Skin Lovin' with Maddie Edwards

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Autumn is the forgotten season in our skincare routine. We go big on SPF in summer, lap up the hydraters in winter and celebrate colour in spring, leaving this fresh-aired time confused and unloved. That's all about to change. We chatted with beauty therapist and skin-celebrator Maddie Edwards to discuss 'skin philosophy', her top products and hot tips for this gaping in-between. Hello, gorgeous skin all year round, making our gold jewellery pop all the more.

What is your skin philosophy?

My skin philosophy is simple. Our skin has a job: to keep all the important stuff in and safe from the external world. That job does not include "looking perfect".


What does your summer skincare routine look like, and how do you change it up for autumn?

My summer skincare routine is super chill. I use a light foaming cleanser, a calming serum, and a moisturiser! And, of course, sunscreen. In autumn, I will add a hydrating serum and probably switch my cleanser to an oil or cream, something a bit more nourishing.

Anything we need to pay special attention to as the seasons switch? And do we still need SPF?

The obvious ones! Like, not having super hot or long showers, and if you do, make sure you moisturise afterwards to help replenish the havoc that shower just wreaked on your skin. You might want to switch up your moisturiser to something a bit heavier if you notice your light summer moisturiser isn't leaving you feeling hydrated enough as the weather gets colder and dryer.

And YES. You absolutely still need to SPF every day. If the UV is three or above, I recommend using sunscreen. Even if you're indoors, a lot of the UV rays that are responsible for our skin's ageing can penetrate through windows. So I always pop it on in the mornings after my moisturiser and then carry around a sunscreen mist for top-ups – that way, I know I'm protected!

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Your hottest skincare tip?

If your skin is anything like mine – dry, sensitive and barrier-impaired – you might like to know that you don't have to cleanse in the morning! For me, when my skin is red and sore, which happens a lot more as the weather gets colder and the wind gets wilder, just rinsing my face with water in the morning makes a massive difference. It can give your skin a better chance to heal and repair on its own.

Top 5 product recommendations for autumn skin:

  1. Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Cleansing Oil. This is my FAVOURITE makeup remover. It does an amazing job, and it also leaves your skin feeling hydrated rather than stripped and dry, like some makeup-removing cleansers can.
  2. tbh Skincare Rebound Serum. This one is a non-negotiable for me. Everyone can benefit from it. It just makes your skin function better. It's hydrating, it calms redness, and it helps keep your skin barrier strong.
  3. Emma Lewisham Supernatural Sleeping Mask. If you have an event the next day, or your skin is just feeling a little dull, this overnight mask is perfect. I think it's my favourite skincare product to ever exist because when I look in the mirror in the morning after applying it the night before, my skin is glowy, there's no redness, it feels plump and bouncy, it feels soft, it's everything!
  4. Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion. It's a boring recommendation, but this is THE body lotion. No matter what your skin type, I can almost guarantee this is the one for you. It's fragrance-free, it's not sticky at all, but it's really hydrating and makes your body skin look and feel super soft.
  5. Summer Fridays Lip Oil. I have pale lips, so I love a tinted lip balm/oil. All four shades of this are stunning – my go-to is Soft Mauve. It looks beautiful, and it makes your lips feel seriously nourished and plump. It's also one of those hot girl products that make you feel rich and luxe when you use it.

Top 3 things you won't leave the house without:

I bought a new handbag, 'The Becca', from Nakedvice, and it's changed my life. I don't know why, but I've always been a small handbag girly. This new bag fits everything in it. I am Mary Poppins now, and I'm never looking back.

I always need my The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector with me at all times. My hands get so crusty after I wash them, especially as the weather gets colder and sucks the life out of them. And as an eczema sufferer, I've tried every hand cream under the sun. This one and also the L'Occitane Shea Hand Balm are the best there is.

If I don't bring a water bottle with me everywhere I go, I will not drink water. So I've made a habit of having my 1L BKR drink bottle with me at all times, and now I have no problem drinking two litres a day. I have the "dream" silicone protector, and it's so cute to look at.

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Top 3 self-care rituals:

SLEEP. Making sure you're getting good sleep is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. I've got the Oura Ring, and it's made me prioritise my sleep, my stress levels and even my before bed routine. It uses your heart rate, movement and temperature to track your sleep in real time, and having access to that sort of info feels like a life hack.

As soon as I wake up and right before I sleep, I write in The Five Minute Journal. I always want to brain dump and write in a diary but find it daunting and confronting and will find any excuse not to do it. The Five Minute Journal asks you what you're grateful for, what will make today great, what your favourite parts of the day were, etc., and it feels like a great way to be grateful and present while teaching me that putting my thoughts onto paper doesn't have to be the huge task that my mind carves it out to be.

4-7-8 breathing. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7, and then slowly exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. I do this whenever I'm feeling anxious, or when I'm driving, and before I go to sleep. It really helps regulate your breathing if you're feeling stressed or full of adrenaline. It's really calming.

Top 3 listens/reads/watches:

I've started rewatching Law & Order: SVU right from the start, and I look forward to it every single night. There are 25 seasons, so it'll keep me occupied for quite some time.

I just finished reading Sisters Under The Rising Sun by Heather Morris. It was an incredible story, a true one about Australian Army nurses from World War II. It's very moving, emotional, uplifting and gut-wrenching all at the same time. I definitely recommend it.

Another emotional recommendation. The Iron Claw. WOW, it exceeded my expectations. I love Jeremy Allen White – don't we all? He was fantastic, of course. But so was Zac Efron! Omg it's just an incredible movie about a famous wrestling family and their tragic, true story. You've gotta see it.

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Top 3 sips and snacks:

Full-cream iced lattes make my world go round. Especially the ones from Maccas – I don't know why they're so good.

D'Affinois cheese with hot salami on wafer crackers is my ultimate savoury snack.

For a sweet snack, I'm obsessed with Olina's Salted Caramel Cookies, which used to be at Woolworths, but I can never find them anymore!? So my second fave is the chocolate chip. They're sooo divine.

Top 3 not-so-guilty pleasures:

I am so sorry, but Nickelback has some absolutely great tracks, and I demand justice.

Giving everyone I know sunscreen for their birthdays and Christmas.

I think I might actually be able to win a chocolate-eating competition. If there's chocolate in my sight, it'll be gone real soon.

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