Birthstone Series: A Cuspy Ruby Special with Diana Avel

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There is always a story about the day, month and planet alignment of your birth – no matter how much you choose to invest, there are always revealing zingers that hit you to your core. All of a sudden, you feel seen in a way that's never before been realised. The Reliquia Jewellery Birthstone Series is an inspired exploration of self with gems that align with your energy and mood. 

This month, the spotlight is on Diana Avel and the delicious, passionate Ruby – a symbol of youth and vitality. 

First, a quick intro and how do you identify with your Zodiac sign / birth month?

Hello! I'm Diana (pronounced Dee-ah-nah) and I'm a fashion content creator. I was born in Romania and I've recently moved to Brisbane from Melbourne!

Back in Romania, July was in summer so I've always identified as a summer girlie. I am on the Cancer/Leo cusp and I definitely see a bit of both in myself: I have the Leo passion, self-assurance, and the Cancer loving, nurturing traits.

Give us a rundown of your perfect birthday.

A perfect birthday would start with breakfast in bed (cooked by my boyfriend hahaha) while watching an episode or two of 'Sex And The City', followed by a walk to the dog park to do some dog watching (it never fails to put me in a good mood), and ending with a chill dinner with my friends at an Italian or Middle Eastern restaurant.

Diana Avel july birthstone pearl pendant necklace ruby reliquia jewellery

Do you have any birthday rituals or traditions?

A tradition my family has is racing to call the birthday person at 12:00 am to be the first to say happy birthday, so let's just say I wake up tired on my birthday.

What is the most treasured gift you have ever received? And what are you hoping for this year?

My most treasured (and most useful) gift would probably be the sewing machine I received on my 19th birthday in 2018. I love making my own clothes and altering the ones I already have, so I don't know what I'd do without it!

This year I'm hoping to receive an experience rather than a material things (unless it's Tabis).

Diana Avel July Birthstone Ruby Reliquia Jewellery

The July birthstone is Ruby: how do you choose to wear the stone, and what does it mean to you?

I decided to wear the stone with heart shaped earrings, a gold ring and cuff. The ruby is super feminine so I wanted to lean into that with the outfit as well, wearing a romantic long sleeve top, mini skirt and lace knee high socks.

What gets you most excited for the year ahead?

Since I've just started creating content full-time, I'm super excited for all the opportunities ahead! I am also looking to potentially move back to Melbourne (where my family is) in the next year or 2, and that definitely gives me the stomach butterflies.

Diana Avel reliquia jewellery piana heart earrings

Can you give us your top three:

Current sources of inspiration –

Vogue Runway app (especially the archive shows)

Myself (inspiration can come from within!)

Music, any sound that gets your brain thinking and creating

Things to read –

My Year of Rest and Relaxation – Ottessa Moshfegh

Slow Days, Fast Company – Eve Babitz

Home Body – Rupi Kaur

Things to listen to –

Inner Monologue with Olivia Neill

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Lana Del Rey's new album!!

Winter activities –

Paint & Sip

Cooking night with friends


Diana Avel ruby july birthstone pendant gold menton cuff reliquia jewellery

The July Birthstone: Ruby

With a striking red colour, the Ruby represents our lifeblood – a source of youth and vitality. Worn by royalty for centuries, there's no denying this is a special stone with revered meaning and intentional wear. The July-born Reliquia lover is strong and passionate, a mix of deep emotions with a buoyant touch. As a gift to yourself or another, the Ruby adds a feminine sparkle and fiery sense to every look – perhaps it's a reminder to stick to your guns, or to simply breathe when intense feelings start to bubble. 

More: @diana.avel

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