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      Birthstone Series: April Diamonds with Shonee Bowtell

      shonee bowtell reliquia jewellery birthstone necklace april

      Survivor contestant and everyone's Instagram friend, Shonee Bowtell, is destined to thrive in April – it's her month, after all. As part of our new series dedicated to celebrating the timeless and personal nature of the Reliquia Birthstone collection, we caught up with her to dissect those particular April-born traits. Is this why she is such a fierce and unstoppable competitor?

      What is the best thing about being an April baby? How has this influenced your nature and personality?

      I love being an April baby. I definitely think being a Taurus has quite an influence on my nature. I'm an easy-going person – even when things go wrong, I'll usually laugh instead of getting mad, especially if it's something I can't change... I'm very loyal and I love that my family and friends know they can depend on me.

      And let's not forget the very Taurean trait I have of loving to indulge in the finer things in life! Life is for living after all :)

      Give us a rundown of your perfect birthday!

      My perfect birthday would be starting off with Pilates with my friends! I am definitely a routine girlie. Would love to grab a coffee and walk the national park. Followed by lunch at my favourite restaurant (oysters would definitely be on the cards!). I always do a birthday dinner and cake with my family too, which is the perfect way to end! And to really top if off, maybe some karaoke!

      shonee bowtell reliquia jewellery star sign

      The best gift you've ever received?

      My parents and sisters got me a tennis bracelet for my 30th last year. I have always wanted one, but was very shocked when I opened it! I definitely cried. It's so beautiful and I will treasure it for life.

      What's on your Reliquia wish list? 

      The April Birthstone Pearl Necklace! I would style with the Elizabeth Earrings. I think they're so classic and beautiful.

      I would style with jeans, a white shirt, gold hoops and my Angelina Gucci platforms. 

      What is inspiring you at the moment?


      My family inspires me to try to be the best version of myself. I'm so lucky and grateful I get to move through life with them by my side. 

      I'm always inspired by the book, The Alchemist. I would have read it at least 6 times by now. I think it's a great reminder not to get too caught up in the hiccups of life.

      Lastly, special mention to my style inspo, Harry Styles!

      shonee bowtell taurus gold star sign necklace reliquia jewellery

      What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

      I'm always excited to continue to live my life in a way I find fulfilling! I guess that's the Taurus in me that loves stability and security. 

      The April Birthstone: Diamond

      The diamond is a true representation of the April-born Reliquia lover. Strong, revered, glamorous and highly sought-after, they're an unbreakable bunch. Always chirpy, always loyal. With an intricate world-spanning history, it's no wonder they are adventurous and curious, traversing the globe to answer their probing questions (and offer us the best travel recommendations). Wear the April Birthstone close to your heart as a talisman and reminder of self.

      More: @shoneefairfax

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