Capricorn Season: The Month Ahead

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December 22 - January 19

A synthesis of the emotional and material, depicted in mythical Sea Goat form. An outwardly ambitious and determined individual with a secretly wild side. A grounded leader, a doer, a goal-oriented achiever.

The Month Ahead

Summer hits full swing as we count down the days to the new year. A time of healing and reflection, this Capricorn season has us getting deeper than ever before. Who will we be in 2024? What goals, dreams and ambitions are lying beneath the surface, waiting for their time of glory? Let this be a vital part of your end-of-year rituals (paired with your favourite gold jewellery, of course).

On December 22, we launch straight into this self-knowing season with the summer solstice. The longest day of the year deserves a celebration of its own (as do your darling Capricorns). December 23 sees Mercury go retrograde – just in time for the onslaught of festivities (and its somewhat heightened energy). The final full moon of the year occurs on December 27, prompting the importance of gratitude before Capricorn’s new moon switches on January 11 - a time to take stock of your ideas and make them happen. 


‘Tis your season and the ultimate time to pursue your ambitions. Carve out meaningful hours to create your action plan, ready to smash all your goals in the year ahead. The Alice Earrings for your professional-meets-pretty boost.


Consider putting your humanitarian ways to work this summer, passing on these pay-it-forward vibes to others. Gather a community, seek out a local soup kitchen, visit a neighbour in need. Healing through work is real, with the Yara Necklace as your talisman.


Cement your 2024 goals in creative form; consider it a DIY small-scale version of art therapy. Pull out the watercolours, collect holiday treasures, and create something wonderful as you moodboard for the year. The Paisley Earrings are your backdrop.


Create a new end-of-year ritual that sparks a new year, new me, new us approach. Perhaps a group trip in nature, seeking waterfalls, quiet trails and lots of vitamin D. Inspiration here (and in the appropriately charmed Mina Necklace). 


Finish the year in your favourite corner, right at home. Spruce your space, invest in key updates and add Pantone’s colour of the year (the tastily named Peach Fuzz) for a warm and welcoming update. Amplify the sunny tones with the beaded Tuscany Necklace.        


Reflect on your communication strategies throughout the year, then pause to consider your self-talk, too. Get real introspective and set goals around positive messages, lots of love and care. Keep the Grace Earrings as your daily reminder.


Heal through greenery – that’s a thing, right? Unleash your green thumb as a form of processing, whether it’s sticking a few tomato seeds in a planter box or gathering flowers to make your own posies with the Eliana Huggies perfectly suited to the job.

LEO / 

Grab your team for a celebration (taking centre stage, of course). Plan 2023’s finale to go out with a bang, a reference to the friendships made and sustained over the year. Showstop with the glamourous Raeylyn Bracelet on your wrist. 


Forget about regret, and start ticking new goals ASAP. Keep your first one simple, identifying a homebound skill to perfect – whip up a retro-iced cake, create your own gooey cookie recipe (and make it all beautiful with the Silas Bracelet on show). 


A fashion lover at heart, this is your chance to clean out *all* the corners of your wardrobe. Leave no hanger overlooked, holding onto the pieces that fit, make you feel great and speak to your personal style. Start 2024 right, aided by the classic Ezra Ring.


Channel your feelings and emotions using journal prompts to trigger meaningful thoughts. Purchase some nice paper, invest in a scribbling pen, and start here. Prop the Greyson Ring on your digit as you jot your responses and release.


Getting into nature is your happy place and the ideal way to start this season of reflection. Take yourself on a solo trip to the water, find a patch of sand and pick up a summer read, making time for your whims and fancies. The Layla Earrings your subtle spark.

Imagery: @upsydaisy.designsPinterest, @self.practice, @acid__memories, Ezra Ring, @readmyblurb, @clubsup_, @officephotos, @90ssclassy.

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