Chloe Hill is an old pal of ours, and the stylist and founder of Cool Pretty Cool never ceases to amaze us. With 2020 prompting her to slow down and 'nest,' Chloe has perfected her colour-rampant, eclectic, and vintage-filled abode. We had to find out more.

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      How would you describe your overall style, and what are the connections between your wardrobe and home aesthetics? 

      My style is really colourful and eclectic, and that definitely carries through into my home too! I really only buy pieces that are super special and memorable, so it means both my wardrobe and my house are packed with so many crazy things.

      Where do you look for inspiration?

      My saved tab on Instagram! I'm always bookmarking cute home snaps and super beautiful fashion images so scrolling back through what I've saved always leaves me feeling inspired and eager to create.

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      What are your top tips for nesting and building a beautiful, liveable space?

      All of the furniture in my house is secondhand. I've tried not to buy too much new as there is already so much out there in the world. The pieces I have bought new are pretty decor pieces like candles and good quality everyday pieces like cutlery. So my top tip would be to re-love first and shop new only for special pieces you can't find on Facebook Marketplace. Also get a big comfy couch, your 🍑 will thank you for it.

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      How do you play with colour, textures and pattern? Any advice?

      I start with one key item I love and build from there. Either going for other complimentary pieces, picking up on similar tones to match. Or sometimes I prefer to go for an all-out clashing look and I instead pick other pieces that are the complete opposite. Just go with your gut as you mix and match.

      What are your most treasured pieces and where do you source from?

      My most treasured pieces are my coloured glassware, which I've collected all around the world, from Puce De Vanves in Paris to Rosebowl Flea Market in LA, to the Vinnies store up the road from my place here in New Zealand.

      chloe hill vintage glassware interior home kitchen

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      Images via @chloechill

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