Finding Personal Style with Fleur Egan

Fleur Egan Reliquia Jewellery Pearl Michel Earrings Mathilde Necklace

We live, work and play by a strict mantra here – that our accessories highlight our personal style and become distinct, outward symbols of self. The same piece worn by different people can have a drastically contrasting effect, dictated by the trends and aesthetics you prescribe to, the way you mix and match and the very air you carry yourself with. Pearls are prim and proper, or edgy and anarchist. Dainty huggies are a daily failsafe or a multi-piercing delight. 

The #1 rule? Have fun with it. 

Fleur Egan is a longtime muse and friend of Reliquia Jewellery, a fashion stylist unafraid of whimsy and bold expression. Here, we uncover her approach to daily dressing and tips for leaning into your unique look.

What is your approach to jewellery and its place in every outfit?

I feel that jewellery is the finishing touch to any outfit, and for me, it's jewellery that adds texture, colour and personality to an outfit.

Fleur Egan Blanca Charlotte Jacket Reliquia Jewellery Pearls

What do you look for in your pieces?

I love to have some classic pieces that I don't have to take off. Then, outside of that, I love textures and statement pieces.

How does jewellery elevate and display your personal style?

You can use jewellery in the same way you use other accessories. Pops of colour, playing with layering over your outfits. I always feel the most myself when I've added my jewellery.

Fleur Egan Reliquia Jewellery Pearl Necklace Michel Earrings Menton Cuff

Do you have any pieces you wear over and over again – everyday or every other day?

My wedding rings. Outside of this, I wear vintage jewellery passed down to me from my mother.


Any tips for honing our look and aesthetic? How can we use jewellery to help?

Start with a group of layering necklaces at different lengths and in different textures. Gold and pearls always look good together.

Fleur Egan Blanca Charlotte Jacket Pink Personal Style


What's the best place/piece to start playing around with?

It's good to know whether golds or slivers look better on your skin tone. After that, I'd have a play with some earrings and see what textures you're loving. 

Fleur Egan Reliquia Jewellery Pearl Earrings Necklace Michel Mathilde

Style Notes

Make like Fleur and let your experimental side shine, glistening like the dash of gold on your fingers, neck and ears. With a simple pearl strand necklace, Fleur elevates the look with a double-whammy: a pair of pearl charms dangling on the same lobe. Keep the other side caszh with a subtle gold hoop or huggie, or perhaps add another pearl-adjacent piece. The more, the merrier!

A vibrant, personality-filled outfit (Colour! Volume! Texture!) and a dazzling dose of individual styling = something entirely new. It's you on show. It's you as muse. 

Tag us in your looks. Celebrate the expression.

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