Lil Ahenkan, aka Flex Mami, is our number one influence when it comes to injecting some colour, fun and style into our interiors and wardrobe. Everything is popping. After the year we've had, vibrant hues and textural pieces could be the antidote we need. Like us, maybe you are a little unsure about where to start, so we called in the guru.

You are someone we look to when in need of some urgent colour. Where do you find all your inspiration?

A combination of the Internet, my fever dreams, nightmares and the real world. There's inspiration literally everywhere. Almost too much.

What are your top 3 Instagram accounts to follow for fun vibes?

- @jessicavwalsh

jessicavwalsh instagram inspiration

- @gustafwestman

gustaf westman interior inspiration

- @quotesbychristie

quotes by christie inspirational instagram

Do you think your sense of colour and artful pairings are innate, or can we all learn this skill? Have you always been a colourful goddess?

I'm not sure, to be honest. I don't know why people aspire to be colourful or vibrant, especially if it isn't innate or easy. I read a quote on the Internet somewhere (though I'm sure it was in reference to being lazy), and it [went] something like this: "If you wanted to read, you would." Sure, the skill of pairing colours can be learned, but why stress yourself out lol.

Where do we start with curating a vibrant and fun wardrobe?

The easiest thing to do is to stop buying neutrals. You have a wardrobe full of them already.

flex mami nails accessories rings colour jewellery

At what stage do you slot in accessories?

Accessories are always the cherry on top. A little pizzazz to elevate the look.

What trends are you particularly drawn to at the moment in both interiors and fashion?

Contrasting aesthetics.

Masculine meets feminine.

Functional meets aesthetic.

Minimal shapes and maximum colour.

flex mami interior pink inspiration

Give us your top 5 tips for styling your home with boldness.

1. Learn to DIY. Paint, upcycle and make something you already own cute. It's hard (and expensive) to buy bold pieces new, so save your wallet.

2. Start small and inject pops of colours with accessories like cushions or candles. 

3. Knick knacks are important. Get them.

4. Invest in art. It will change a whole room.


What is your #1 perk up tip for a bad day?

Stay in bed. Don't force yourself out of a bad mood. It'll only make you feel worse. 

flex mami home interior fashion

Imagery via @flex.mami

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