Gemini Season: The Month Ahead

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May 21 - June 20

The Twins, the juggler, the social butterfly. A short attention span and a copious count of friends have you running laps around the rest of us, constantly on the move, always on the go. You’re multi-talented and multi-purpose; you’re a multitude, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Month Ahead

Like our chatty Geminis, the month ahead is ripe for social engagement. We are in the hive of activity (if we let ourselves) despite the start of the winter chill. From May 23, Venus is in Gemini, prompting a season of flirt and charm with the scent of budding romance and lingering loves sticking to our sleeves. Then, from May 25, Jupiter joins Gemini, encouraging this expansive state of mind – melding the passion with curiosity as we grow via education, travel, discovery and social interaction.

On June 3, Jupiter trines with Pluto, another powerful astrological move to prompt this buzzing energy. The New Moon falls on June 6, an excuse to reset and recharge, dumping the old, integrating the new, and doubling down on this communicative vibe.

Here for the variety and the spice, let down those walls this month. You never know where a chance encounter or late-night chat will take you, gold jewellery shimmering in that frosty, gorgeous light.



The ideas have been bubbling; now it’s time to let them boil over. Start that new project (add another ball to your juggle). Tee up a brainstorming sesh with your closest, followed by a rewarding SATC rewatch, of course. Wearing the always-ready Santiago Earrings.


Your season is next, so start the social activities now. The bigger the lead-up, the sweeter the taste. And what better beverage to enjoy on a chilly evening than a hands-off mulled wine (or Aperol)? Invite the gals, start the chats and go deep. The Kayla Necklace is your gift in advance.

LEO / 

Say yes to spontaneity and oui oui to career-boosting networking. Who knows, these relationships you form may extend beyond the office boundaries – a new bestie, or more? Look the part in the ‘office siren’ aesthetic, topped off with the versatile Wyatt Earrings.


Prepare to open your social circle a little, finding new sparks through professional and public-facing opportunities. Impress your latest additions with a gallery outing, a cultural festival, a gig (plenty of easy-access suggestions for you). Wear the Julia Necklace through it all.


Expand your horizons and look beyond the mundane. Or, at least, make the daily grind more personal and exciting. Switch up your weekend brunch with the home cafe – invite the neighbourhood, bond over pastries and coffee. A literal dream with the Mason Earrings.


You’re always deep, but prepare to get fully immersed – there’s a lot of introspection and transformation on the cards. A collaborative book club, book swap or ‘One Day’ viewing party (then physical read), might be the way to let it out gently. Add your spice with the Hudson Earrings.


Your relationships are blooming, even in these cold, potentially dreary weeks. Prioritise expansion via socialisation and, when the need to escape hurts, give ‘Continental Garbage’ a listen: Euro trip meets best friends and plenty of laughs. The Jose Earrings for an extra twinkle.


Make new habits, but prepare to make them social. Add that interaction to your daily checkboxes for an extra dopamine boost, like a weekly self-care spa date at home. Beautify, refresh, gossip and giggle – good for the skin and the soul. Wear the waterproof Kayla Earrings for a girly touch.


Merge your renewed passion for creativity with Gemini’s social energy. Get playful with a cosy craft night – scrapbooks out, wool and needles at the ready, plenty of snacks and beverages by your side. Make some more beauty while wearing the Wesley Earrings.


Focus on your home this month, dear fishy. Maybe you decide to lean into clutter-core (perfectly messy and so chic), but open your space to loved ones – they can enjoy the comfort in chaos, too. Wear the Destiny Necklace as your uplifting, put-together accessory.


Travel is looking bright; that glimmer in your eye calls for a weekend of planning with your closest ones. Consider the sensations of South Korea and add these highlights to your list: illuminating, relaxing, and so, so delicious. Shine everywhere in the Naomi Earrings.


Things are coming up all dollar signs this month as you prioritise resources and diversify that cash. May we recommend a creative girls’ favourite read – Rick Rubin’s The Creative Act? Take notes, share them with your friends, and look the so-together part in the Autumn Earrings.

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