Step into Our Office with the Corpcore Trend (Reliquia-Style)

Reliquia Jewellery BTS at Australian Fashion Week.


This is the era of corporate dressing for the chic, the coquette, the girl who is hair-clamped-in-a-bun by day and lets it loose when the clock ticks 5pm. This is corpcore, Reliquia-style. 

What is #corpcore?

Our Muses: Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Elsa Hosk, Gisele Bündchen in “The Devil Wears Prada”, the Office Siren.

Our Mood: It's all slick and full-sheen in the office with an instant transition to the evening's play. We're pushing the limits of workwear, merging comfort with corporate and a healthy dose of personality.

Our Essentials: An oversized blazer (the bigger, the better). Pleated high-waisted pants. A collection of shirts. Preppy knits. A sophisticated day-to-night bag. A pair of classy af frames.

Our Jewellery: You make the rules. Explore bringing the statement to the office with chunky gold chain necklaces, diamantes, and the biggest, boldest gold hoop earrings you can find. Prettify those busy digits by stacking gold rings and adding mixed metals and stones (because we will always believe there's a correlation between efficiency and finger-looking-good appeal). 

Reliquia Jewellery BTS with Blanca at Australian Fashion Week.


How Reliquia Girls own the trend

Sohan Judge, Director of Social & Platforms at BuzzFeed, is in the office two days a week (with an ultra-glam view of Sydney from level 50). "I love to accessorise my desk each day with a couple of mementos, including a very cute astronaut Sonny Angel that someone from my team got me."

Wearing: "I have a very simple capsule wardrobe for work – a combination of wide leg trousers, basic tops and a couple of blazers. I interchange these on any given day. But, my secret to keeping some form of personality in my work outfits is through accessorising. Little sparkles on my face via Embellish by Rowi is my go-to, along with some metallic eyeliners from Glisten Cosmetics, or some funky jewellery to spice things up. Oh, and I'm pretty much always wearing sneakers over heels because I value comfort!"

Her #corpcore vibe: "I like to create a very professional put-together vibe with a little bit of something extra. That's why I love accessorising on top of my corporate outfits. When I feel put together with my outfits, it gives me plenty of confidence to get through the day – which is so essential in my work as I could be doing anything from being behind the camera on set, to starring in a video, to presenting in front of a large group or entering data into a spreadsheet."

Reliquia Jewellery BTS at Australian Fashion Week.

And over to Jax Quinn, model and founder of This Is Nice, who works from home (following the sun around the apartment, ofc) with the occasional city showroom visit.

Wearing: "I found that through the pandemic, getting dressed for the day is something that is really important for me to get into the right mindset for my workday. I'm usually in a pair of oversized jeans or tailored pants with a knit or collared shirt with chunky earrings and my glasses – I love a good cuff, but I find that they drive me a bit insane after an hour or so of them knocking against my keyboard, so I tend to save bracelets for days when I'm off the computer. If I'm in the city, I always always always have to have a bag big enough to fit a drink bottle, so I usually lean more towards mid to oversized totes and save my cute little mini bags for nights out."

Her #corpcore vibe: "I think about what I would wear if I had a "traditional" or "corporate" job a lot and have realised that it is basically what I wear now, maybe minus a sneaker or two. I love good tailoring and classic pieces accessorised in ways that make them feel more unique. I'd say #corpcore is what you make it; it doesn't have to be a grey pinstriped pantsuit, but it also could be – maybe oversized with chunky silver jewellery and a low pointed heel...and a red lip.

"My overall goal is to look put together without trying too hard – but still [feel] like myself. I always feel best when I've spent that extra five minutes getting dressed in the morning and trying out different outfit options. Although, I often do leave the house and think of about nine different ways I could have worn my outfit for the day."

Our hot tip? Add a piece of waterproof jewellery to your mix, too. Prepared for everything, including a late-night dip.