Since we work so closely with hair and accessories, we have been working hard lately to spend more time talking to hairdressers: we want to know how to best look after our hair.

This week we spoke with Jessica Di Donato - the owner of the well-known DD& Co in St Peters - who advised us about colouring our hair at home and why scrunchies and clips are so great.

What are some trends we are seeing in hair accessories at the moment? We have noticed that claw clips and scrunchies are a huge hair trend again.

I think lots of clips at once. I am LOVING the big claw clips and scrunchies and playing around with the colours and mixing and matching them.

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Why is it so important to not use permanent packet dyes and to not use bleach at home? 

It’s funny you ask because I’ve just messaged back 2 people this morning that have bleached their hair at home and are desperate to get it fixed!! It’s looks fun and easy, then when it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped it’s back to the salon to most likely a costly fix up!  A great example is on Sophie Monks' Instagram of her trying to DIY her roots and end up looking worse than when she had regrowth. 🤪

So I would advise not to bleach your hair at home because it’s not going to turn out and you’ll need to be in the salon for longer to get it fixed. 

As for brown - same thing! Eventually you’re going to want to change your hair and the chances of a hairdresser getting that box dye out in the first session are very very slim. You’ll end up not getting what you want, or worse, your hair getting so damaged trying to get it out. 

If your budget is smaller and you can’t commit to colouring your hair every 6-8 weeks what would you recommend for dark and light hair?

Not everyone can afford coming in every 6-8 weeks! Some can but for those who can’t, we would recommend getting something more low maintenance, so it stretches out your appointment to every 3/4 months. Something like balayage or root shadows really work well for blending in your regrowth. 

Another option is a take home toner - we have one called Potion and it is a custom toner that we mix for the client’s hair needs, whether it’s pink, brown or blonde. It will help your hair look fresh for that little longer in between appointments 

What are some of the big no no’s with hair care? Eg should we be using certain brushes, not touching our split ends etc

Not brushing your hair is def a big no no! A lot of people think it can cause breakage but if you’re not brushing your hair, you’re not stimulating your scalp which basically means your scalp is telling your hair not to grow. 

Another big no no is those rubber hair bands that you use for newspapers. I don’t know why but I still see people use them! This will cause breakage for sure! Please use a cute scrunchie or hair clip! So many cute ones out there now. 

If your hair colour is already your statement how would you incorporate hair accessories into the mix?

Coloured hair and coloured hair clips work really well together as a statement. If you have yellow hair using a orange clip as a contrast works really well together. Even if you match your hair clip colour and hair colour, i.e. pink on pink, it’s super cute! 

Why is DD& Co such a great salon for hair colouring?

We thrive on using the best products and ALWAYS educating ourselves. If you think you’ve done all the training, you need as a hairdresser then you’re not giving your clients your best. Education inserts passion! That’s why Dd+co is the best salon for colouring whether it’s pink or blonde or balayage or brown we love anything to do with colour and thrive to be the best. 

What can we do at home to help our colour last longer and keep the health of our hair? What products do you get behind for a simple but effective hair care routine?

Biased, but I LOVE Misfit colour shampoo and conditioner helps keep your colour from fading (no matter if it’s peach or brown) and help hydrate those coloured ends! Adding moisture and deliciousness. 

Another brand I’m obsessed with is R+Co, whatever hair type you have they have you covered. I love their pre-shampoo treatment Palm Springs - pop it in your hair for the day and rinse it out that night. I also use Bel Air shampooand conditioner & finish with high dive leave-in treatment with a bit of Death Valley dry shampooon the roots to make it last longer. 

All quick and easy for me as I have a 2-year-old and a business I don’t have time to wait 10 mins for my treatment after I shampoo 


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In your experience how often should we really be trimming our hair if we want it to grow? I hear different opinions across the board.

I have personally tried not to trim my hair so it can grow and ended up having half of it snap on the ends because I wasn’t trimming and treating it. 

It definitely depends on your hair and how you look after it. If you are not colouring or using heat you can go 3/4 months; if you are colouring it using heat and not treating it at home def a little eyelash trim on the ends every 2 months will help it grow. 

Can you please share some image inspiration on how best to style clips and scrunchies into your hair? What are some of the coolest looks you have seen on the runways and social media lately we could try at home?

Image via @ddcohair

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