Favourite Reliquia pieces you wear:

My fave to date is still my Chilli Charm Sleepers. I don't take them off and receive a lot of love for them on my Insta and in real life. 

chilli sleepers

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Top 3 podcasts:

Ok, so sue me, but I don't actually listen to podcasts. I'm weird, I know. They somewhat irritate me because I don't find them fluid. I'M WEIRD. But I do love an audio book. My top three are:

High Performance Habits

You Are A Badass At Making Money

Russell Brand - Freedom From Our Addictions

Top 3 favourite Instagram accounts you follow:


claire rose instagram


matilda djerf instagram


sofia m coehlo instagram

Top 3 self-care strategies:

Life is not meant to be perfect and happiness all the time. As soon as we can accept this and understand that there will be many moments of pure joy and happiness, along with moments of hardship. This allows us to just be and accept every emotion as a way of life. Unrealistic expectation is the route of all pain - without expectation we are free - usually when we just flow with it we are open to every opportunity that comes our way. When we build structured expectations to how life is meant to be, how people are meant to be, how people and situations should go, we miss living, we miss opportunities that may be better aligned to who we are.

Live a life that's authentically yours, do what makes you happy, live in the present. Too much living in the past will bring you sadness and too much living in the future will bring you anxiety.

Live in the present and live for the small moments in life because when you look around at all the beautiful moments that are happening around us, life truly is a wonderful gift.

Drink loads of water, feed your body with love (food, exercise, and what you say to yourself), get loads of sleep and smile more.

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Top 3 favourite TV shows:

Outer Banks

White Lines

Good Girls

Top 3 favourite movies (make that 4):

The Gentlemen

Rock n Rolla

Ace Ventura

Bad Boys 2

holly lee lu instagram

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