Our origin lies in the conception of Reliquia Jewellery in 2015. Inspired by relics and family heirlooms, each collection plays on the pieces you might borrow from your grandmother's overflowing jewellery box. 
Valet Studio was borne of the same ideal in 2017 - taking influence from eras past and manifesting bold, colourful pieces for modern wear. Arriving shortly after, Respiro launched with the iconic resin Alexa Bag. Since then, the brand has delved into beads, leather and satin to satisfy every occasion.
Now we embrace the arrival of Blanca, the finishing touch. Satisfy head to toe with her carefully selected, limited range of pieces that align with our overarching vintage-inspired aesthetic. 
Reliquia Collective is our new home. Delve into all our labels at once and shop a full look in one go. We hope you have fun exploring our world. 

Embrace this seasons soft finishes from Reliquia Jewellery and Valet Studio. Cultivated palettes and fluid silhouettes feature in this curated collection.

Respiro visually experiments with colour and pattern, tactile beading and unconventional materials, playing with unique marbled and inlaid designs. 
 Taking inspiration from the architectural form of the Art Deco movement, these vintage inspired bags are designed to accomodate your essentials and elevate your classic wardrobe staples.



As we are all aware, we are living through a pretty intense time right now - I don’t think I need to go into it, right? Our social media feeds are inundated with cooking tutorials, home exercises, live fitness streams etc. 

 As someone who isn’t really into those things I have become interested in trying to grow Rapunzel-like hair while I am in my tower - and by tower I mean my small apartment in Bondi Beach. (Maybe my niece has made me watch Tangled too many times). And as someone who works for a hair accessory brand, any tips and tricks to style my hair are always greatly appreciated.

We spoke to Hair Director at Sydney’s renowned Headcase Hair, John Pulitano  , about simple yet effective hair care at home, the return of scrunchies, and the latest in hair trends.


 Image via @annelauremais

Image via @annelauremais

Are scrunchies a thing again?

Yes we are definitely seeing the comeback of the scrunchie! It’s a great way to add a bit of femininity to a more masculine outfit or spice up your everyday bun!


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What are the latest trends we are seeing on influencers and models?

We are seeing lots of cool short bobs and fringes! Kaia Gerber’s short bob is definitely in. Also seeing hair back in a bun with a part in the middle (Hailey Bieber, Rosie Middleton) – perfect for a scrunchie!

Image via @kaiagerber

During isolation we have more time than normal. What is a simple yet effective routine we could adopt if we want to focus on getting our hair healthy in this period?

This is the perfect time for treating your hair.

Take the time to scrub your scalp (Christophe Robin Sea Salt Scrub is amazing), deep cleanse you hair and finish with a mask.
Leave that mask in while you are WFH or take time to apply at night and sleep in it!....


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 I get overwhelmed by the amount of hair brands and products out there and really only want to use 2 products other than shampoo and conditioner, what are some products you 100% believe in?

First off make sure you use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, this is extremely important for the health and look of your hair.

Must haves besides these two are a good mask - I love the Virtue Labs on, the restorative treatment mask – and a multi-use styling cream to style your hair and protect from heat and external aggressors. The Virtue Lab 6 in one styler is amazing!

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Is washing your hair with apple cider vinegar actually a good idea?

I would say that back in the days when people didn’t have access to good haircare remedies like that might have had some benefits, however it is quite aggressive. These days good hair products are formulated in skin care labs and the key nutrients are broken down into the smallest micro nutrients which makes the  products very active and they really work on a cellular level. Unfortunately, apple cider vinegar only works topically and it’s not worth the smell for not that much gain.


Does how we sleep really make a difference to our hair eg should we be sleeping with it tied back in a silk scrunchie and do we need to be sleeping on a silk pillow?

Yes absolutely a silk scrunchie of a loose braid or ponytail on a silk pillow case leaves the hair looking great the next day . It also helps keep the head cooler and is much drier (key for these Australian hot nights!)

Image via @gigihadid 

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Image via @haileybieber

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Image via @annelauremais