Some people just seem to nail the layered jewellery trend, while the rest of us battle - is it too OTT? How do we get different lengths to sit "just so"? With so many chains at our fingertips, it is about time we perfected the art. We chatted with one of our favourite local stylists Sarah Starkey, aka "Queen of the Layers." Her work is laden with new ways to wear our favourites - from all-over-the-head hair clips, to stacked up choker-style. 

      For anyone afraid of going a little OTT, how do you recommend layering up your chains? Do we need to mix and match with thickness, etc.?

      I think the whole fine jewellery look has passed. It is all about layering with different variations, the more the merrier. 
      Now that we are in the cooler months, wearing layered necklaces over rolled necklines and collared shirting.

      What pieces do you suggest layering with a classic style like the star sign necklace?

      The star sign necklace comes on a fine chain, so I would layer them with different lengths and widths. Like these -
      portovenere necklace reliquia
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      letter s necklace reliquia
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      electra necklace reliquia
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      For those of us with multiple piercings, what kind of pieces do you recommend and how would you structure them?

      Wearing a combination of mismatched earrings. Staggering bigger hoops with small hoops, studs and huggies.
      1. If you have three holes I would start with this in one ear:
      letter s earring reliquia
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      And the opposite first hole:
      coralia hoops reliquia
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      2. Second holes:
      anya earrings reliquia
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      3. Then the third I would put this in one side:
      mamba earrings reliquia
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      And the opposite third hole:
      mini cross earrings reliquia
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      What are the fool-proof pieces of jewellery everyone should have in their collection for everyday wear?

      A good pair of everyday wearable earrings like these:

      rococo earrings reliquia

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      me too hoops reliquia

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      top that hoops reliquia
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      A set of rings:
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      nancy ring reliquia jewellery
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      And a necklace like one of these:
      danielle necklace reliquia jewellery
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      zodiac necklace reliquia jewellery
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      How do you mix things up for a night out and make a statement with your jewellery?

      At the moment I am into a bold earring. 

      A diamante statement earring, and also wearing bangles layered up and over fitted sleeves.

      luster earrings reliquia jewellery

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      trinity bangles reliquia jewellery

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      upper class bangles reliquia jewellery

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      What are your favourite jewellery trends at the moment?

      Wearing both gold and silver together - I think just wearing one or the other is a thing of the past. 

      (Good news for all of us at HQ! We love to mix and match <3)

      What are some of your current favourite Reliquia pieces?

      pacifica necklace reliquia jewellery

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      bel air necklace reliquia jewellery

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      verity earrings valet studio

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      taylor huggies reliquia jewellery

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      infatuation earrings reliquia jewellery

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      irena clip reliquia jewellery

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      Opening Image via @ultimatevintagebeauty

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