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      In Case You Were Wondering: Business Edition with Gabrielle Pearson

      gabrielle pearson caroline shirt blanca reliquia jewellery hoops

      There's nothing like a local female founder to inspire our mornings (middays and evenings, too). Meet Gabrielle Pearson, the brains and creative juice behind Majella – a film production company set on amplifying diverse stories through an inclusive and feminine lens. Recently relocating to the US, Gab gives us the intel on biz, motivation and travelling the world. 

      Can you give us the Gabrielle Pearson elevator pitch? Who are you, what do you do, and where are you now?

      I'm Gab and I run a progressive and inclusive film production company that focuses on creative works through a feminine and evocative lens. I'm a Producer/Director and collaborate with some of the most incredible local and international creatives of my era to make otherworldly content, whether it be feature films, short films, music videos or commercials – I dabble in it all! I've recently just moved to the US where I am expanding my business globally, whilst still having my team run the show in Melbourne, Australia.

      Top 3 aspects of having your own business:

      1. There is a lot more computer work than I expected. I feel like everyone just thinks of the fun days on set but running a company I'm there from the very first idea to the screening, and 70% of my time is working on the computer (I've become a bit of a tech wiz!).

      2. You can't turn to your boss if something goes wrong or if there is a conflict that needs solving. You're the boss and everyone relies on you to keep things afloat – it's a lot of responsibility and I definitely have to wear my big girl pants a lot of the time.

      3. Needing to constantly remind yourself of your mission and your reason 'why' you're running a business in the first place. I think it's easy to get distracted or side tracked and a lot of people can end up down a path that they never intended. I have to actively remind myself of what's important to help keep me on track.

      gabrielle pearson reliquia jewellery blanca

      Top 3 things you wish you knew before starting:

      1. The power of feminism. I never originally set out to run a feminist company, but after a few experiences early on in my career I made an active choice to prioritise this. I'd never have imagined the community and strength this has given me and what it means to other people to be part of a really positive ethos. It's created a standard of work and expectation of respect now that creates a safe space for everyone, and embracing this has just felt so powerful.

      2. Not everyone I work with I need to be friends with. I think I still struggle with my people-pleasing qualities but it's an ongoing self-discovery that running a business means making tough choices, and a lot of things aren't personal.

      3. That it's not the end of the world if something doesn't work out. I've spent a lot of years thinking that certain jobs or projects are the same level of stress as life or death, and I think taking a step back into reality and knowing that the world will go on if something doesn't work the way it was planned, and that's okay. I would have saved myself a lot of tears with this info!

      Top 3 things for wannabe globe-trotting entrepreneurs:

      1. Time difference is the biggest hurdle. I'm spending my time between LA, New York and Melbourne, and adjusting to all the different time zones and working within the three cities is definitely something I'm constantly catching up with. Make sure you sleep enough and look after yourself!

      2. Every opportunity is something to learn from. Whether it's a positive experience, a negative one or something you've worked hard for that doesn't work out – I've learnt something important from every single experience and take that knowledge into the next one.

      3. Embrace your network and the people around you. I know a lot of people sometimes want to work with whoever seems like can get them to the 'next level', but I think there is a lot of value in staying loyal to those who build from the ground up with you and bringing them along your journey. You never know what opportunities you can all bring each other, and having a nurtured community is worth more than anything else.

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      Top 3 things you won't leave home without:

      1. A hair tie. No matter how cute I try to style my hair, I always tie it into a bun halfway through the day.

      2. My lip balm. I literally can't go more than an hour without it!

      3. My AirPods. I travel a lot and making sure I've got my favourite playlists on me helps perk me up throughout the day.

      Top 3 sources of inspiration and motivation:

      1. Going to the cinema and watching a really beautiful film. So many times I'll leave the cinema and think, 'this is why I'm in film.' When it's good, it's good!

      2. My mum. Talking to her about what I do and even when she doesn't really know the technicalities of what I'm going through, she always inspires me with her advice and encouragement. She keeps me grounded and helps put things into perspective – my true hero.

      3. The people I work with on a daily basis. Any time I'm on set and watch incredible women, non-binary and male creatives that I work with, gives me so much motivation that the ethos and way I work is worthwhile and appreciated. Film sets can have a bad rep of attitudes and energy, and I'm lucky enough to surround myself with truly beautiful, progressive and kind people – they definitely keep me going.

      Top 3 outfit and accessory essentials:

      1. Nails are a must. I went without them for so long during Covid and thought 'I can rock a natural look,' but as soon as I got them done again, I was like 'what was I thinking, of COURSE my nails need to be gorge 24/7.'

      2. A cute pair of sneakers. I love that this is trendy now, comfy shoes are SO important to me and now I can be comfortable all day and make it the main feature of my outfit.

      3. Eyebrow gel. A lot of days I don't wear makeup as my skin is super sensitive and also takes too long to do haha, so as long as my eyebrows are on point I'm happy.

      gabrielle pearson paris shirt chain reliquia jewellery

      Top 3 ways to unwind after work:

      1. Cooking at home with my partner and watching a good series.

      2. Calling my girlfriends or, better yet, catching up with them for a drink or a sleepover. They always fill my cup.

      3. If possible, a bubble bath. Ultimate bliss.

      Top 3 things that keep you going on the toughest days:

      1. Calling my best friends. I'm a talker and obsess over a lot of little things, and my beautiful friends put up with my rants and always make me feel like I can achieve anything.

      2. Taking the time to acknowledge that I'm having a tough day and allowing myself to ride it out. It's completely normal to have bad days and I need to remind myself that it happens to all of us and it will always get better, so allow yourself to feel a little sad – it's okay.

      3. Just reminding myself that I'm just one person and I can only do what I can do really helps. Reminding my self that 'the grind' can sometimes be overrated – especially if you're not feeling up to it.

      gabrielle pearson reliquia jewellery sophia necklace caroline oversized shirt

      Top 3 places you'd take us if we visited:

      This is tricky to answer because there are so many places! So instead I'll say my favourite place in each city I float between.

      1. Melbourne: Bar Margaux in the CBD. Best late-night cocktail bar for martinis and some French fries.

      2. LA: Wi Spa in KoreaTown. BEST way to spend the day and sweat out any toxins. Also really yummy lunch and the BEST skincare!

      3. New York: Syndicated Cinema in Brooklyn. The cutest cinema where you can order yummy food and drink whilst you're watching the films. They do classics, new releases and independent cinema, and the bar is also great for hangs and a debrief after the movie!

      Gabrielle wears: Paris Shirt in Purple, Tineo Earrings, Sophia Necklace, Caroline Shirt in Bubblegum

      Photographed by Rob La Terra

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