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Ash Eliza Davis is another sunny creative we're obsessed with here. She's got a soft spot for the natural world (ocean swims and hikes are part of her self-care guide - see below) and makes every outfit flow. There's comfort in simplicity, beauty and the sun-drenched light of her images. We just can't get enough.

Top 3 words to describe yourself:

Warm, playful, creative

Top 3 favourite Reliquia Collective pieces:

Peri Necklace

Levy Necklace

Ava Bracelet

Top 3 things your star sign says about you:

I am a Leo through and through. I feel my most prominent and accurate star sign traits are generous, dramatic and outgoing (and also a style icon 😎).

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Top 3 morning rituals:


2. Workout before sunrise

3. Take Ruby for a walk either by the beach or a mountain hike with another coffee

Top 3 listens/reads/watches:

Listen - Hooked on Emma Chamberlain's podcast Anything Goes. She is so wholesome, genuine and uplifting. She is great company for a big laugh on a long drive. Also a huge style icon.

Read - My all time favourite read is Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. For the non-readers, the movie produced by Reese Witherspoon is coming out excited!

Watch - Seinfeld is always on loop in the background while I work. Also obsessed with all things Matthew McConaughey so if it's not a romcom from his McConaissance it's True Detective.

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Top 3 Instagram accounts for daily inspiration:

1. @nicoleneuroscience - Nicole is a Neuroscientist and she uses her platform to educate about our behaviours and emotions and how they are connected through neuroscience. It is honestly so interesting to read and learn, and has given me a whole new perspective on how my body and mind work, and daily simple practices for a healthy and happy mind.

2. @lifeof_riley - Just an absolute lifestyle, photography and style icon. Love following the travel, cooking, life and Negroni adventures of Riley and his partner @paige_watkins.

3. @costarastrology - This is my bible and a source for endless entertainment. Co Star also have an app, so I highly recommend whipping out your birth certificate to find your exact time of birth so you can have hilarious and scaringly-accurate life updates sent to you daily. It gives me little things to think about, some light-hearted, some are more deep and thoughtful. For example today my Do and Don't list is "Do: Phone-Keys-Wallet. Don't: Inner Critic." Love it.

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Top 3 self-care strategies:

1. Drink at least three bottles of water a day.

2. Give yourself a compliment each time you pass a mirror or reflective surface. Back of the spoon counts.

3. Move your body every day. Slow walk or ocean swim at sunrise or get yourself into a high intensity beat-based spin class (my favourite is Barre and Bike).

Top 3 feel-good snacks:

1. Umm... Caramel Tim Tams 😅

2. Salted roasted cashews

3. Vegemite toast with Maasdam cheese (currently eating)

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Top 3 tunes to lift the mood:

1. When I R.I.P. - Labrinth (I play this about 20 times a day - hugeeee mood booster)

2. Hard Out Here - RAYE

3. Abcdefu - GAYLE (car karaoke tune)

Top 3 pleasures (there is no such thing as a guilty one):

1. I have to circle back to Tim Tams... or Cadbury Turkish Delight chocolate with a peppermint tea and a 90s romcom.

2. Pumpkin woodfire sourdough pizza and a big glass of pinot noir on a Friday night (most of my pleasures are food related).

3. Climbing into fresh sheets after a squeaky clean shower with washed hair and shaved legs really is the pinnacle of pleasure for me. 

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