In Case You Were Wondering with Brooke Ritchie

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Mother, influencer and dabbler in many fields, Brooke Ritchie takes a moment out of her day to chat with us. A quick glance of her feed, and you'll find it abundant in interior, style and sunshine-y inspiration - all the things we need as we get ready for the new year ahead. 

Top 3 //

Words to describe yourself:

I would like to think I am caring, selfless and positive :)

Favourite Reliquia pieces:

Morris Shirt and all of the BLANCA pieces

Dulce Necklace

Towel Sets

Things your star sign says about you:

Nurturing, highly intuitive and loyal (Cancer)

brooke ritchie blanca dress

Morning rituals:

COFFEE before anything

Do the washing

Shower and get ready in my favourite outfits for the day ahead


I'm a Triple J sucker

Really loving a good mellow Spotify playlist lately

Slowly circumferencing to podcasts

Instagram accounts for daily inspiration:

I don't have three particular accounts that give me inspiration but I have a lot of inspiration for interior design and styling in my feed alongside some of my favourite brands!

brooke ritchie blanca dress

Self-care strategies:


Freshly washed hair

Moisturising and face masks

Summer skin essentials:

Bangn Body

Endota Spa

Sunday Supply sunscreen are my go-to!

Weeknight meals for the family:

A good spaghetti bolognese with egg fettuccine (can't go wrong) and the kids love it

Woodfire pizza 🤤

Roast vegetable and mango salad

brooke ritchie henrietta shirt pink yellow blanca

Tunes to lift the mood:

Crooked Colours

Boo Seeka


Pleasures (there's no such thing as a guilty one):

Taking photos

A clean house is a clear mind

Decluttering gives me so much pleasure! I love to keep pieces that only give us good and regular use in our home

Imagery @brookeritchie__