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      In Case You Were Wondering with Kels King

      kellie king carol shirt blanca reliquia jewellery

      Serving looks and lifestyle in droves of inspiration, Kellie King is another sun-loving babe. Mini-me outfits, soothing beaches and tonal colours abound. Find below her life tips and recommendations.

      Top 3 words to describe yourself:

      Creative, Lover, Optimistic.

      Top 3 favourite Reliquia pieces:

      Dillon Shirts

      Jordan Pants

      The 'Ava' Chains

      kellie king claudia bracelet ronnie necklace carol shirt blanca reliquia

      Top 3 things your star sign says about you:

      I'm a Pisces, and as my sign suggests:

      - I am very emotionally aware, and intuitive.

      - I feel deeper than I think.

      - I'll go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those around me.

      Top 3 morning rituals:

      Snuggles with my son, Danny.

      Greens drink.


      kellie king carol shirt photography blanca

      Top 3 listens/reads/watches:

      I'll never tire of listening to The XX.

      Favourite read: The Alchemist.

      Favourite watch: Notting Hill. Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Anything bu Guy Ritchie.

      Top 3 Instagram accounts for daily inspiration:

      Fashion: @monikh

      Health: @kaylabarnes

      Lifestyle: @emelinaah

      ronnie necklace claudia bracelet reliquia jewellery kel king

      Top 3 self-care strategies:

      Move your body. Fuel it right. Don't take yourself too seriously.

      Top 3 summer skin essentials:

      Skin Food: Weleda

      Weekend Skin Glow Serum: Mecca

      The Kind Sunscreen: Lather it everywhere.

      reliquia jewellery claudia bracelet

      Top 3 tips for *managing it all*:

      Use the time you have wisely.

      Make a list.

      Take a break.

      Top 3 tunes to lift the mood:


      Goth Babe: Canary Island

      Neil Frances: Dumb Love

      Hayden James: Waiting for Nothing

      carol shirt blanca reliquia jewellery kel king

      Top 3 not-so-guilty pleasures:

      Sunkissed skin (bit naughty)

      Fresh orange juice with ice

      Tonys Chocolonely (umm yum!!)

      Imagery @kelking

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