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sarah cooper beach reliquia jewellery

You might recognise Sarah Cooper from her beachy vibe and ludicrously good food content over on Insta (we salivate at the thought). Our Sydney-based go-getter is a Pilates instructor, clinical nutritionist and recipe developer with the energy to make even the laziest of cooks excited to try her plant-based treats and meals. A giant cookie, a so-good-how-is-healthy smoothie bowl, and the best vegetarian nachos you’ll make. 

“I am so lucky that I love what I do, and I do what I love, so a lot of my passions cross over with work – moving my body, making and enjoying delicious food for me and my friends, and also spending lots of time in nature, in the ocean and with my dog. 

“My biggest mission is to share my knowledge and love for living a healthy life and making small, positive differences to everyone/anyone I can.”

Read on and get inspired.

Top 3 words to describe your style:

Casual, effortless, sporty (90% of the time!).

sarah cooper gold jewellery reliquia

Top 3 outfit-defining features:

Oooh love this! My friends know I always love gold jewellery and layering necklaces/earrings … at the moment, I’m wearing a mix of gold, blue and freshwater pearls. I never take my jewellery off! 

Secondly, I feel like myself truly when I am barefoot  😂 Not even because I am more connected or grounded to nature but simply because it is comfortable and I am always running around to the beach barefoot. 

My third outfit-defining feature would probably be a pop of colour! Whether I’m in a bikini, activewear or a casual ‘fit, I love including a bit of colour somewhere, especially in summer. More often than not, blue, as that’s my favourite  💙


Top 3 favourite Reliquia pieces:

Emma Earrings

Atlas Ring 

Thea Necklace 


Top 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself lately:

If you don’t have confidence in or respect your own values, you can’t expect anyone else to. 

Nothing that is meant for you will pass. 

Dwelling on the past or future won’t help you control what you can - the present.

sarah cooper gold hoops beaded necklace reliquia jewellery at the beach

Top 3 morning rituals: 



Coffee ( but not on an empty stomach because we care about hormone health 😂


Top 3 listens/reads/watches:

Maybe late to the party, but the book Verity by Colleen Hoover I read in a day – so good! 

Went to the movies with my girlfriends and watched Anyone But You – goofy and fun, feel-good silly movie. 

When in an educational phase, Be Well by Kelly Leveque and for laughs, The Inspired Unemployed.


Top 3 Instagram accounts:

@scoopitup_ – feel like I need to shameless self-plug here for all your yummy recipes & Pilates. 

@laura.henshaw – love her for always being real and authentic. 

@cheftomwalton – most delicious and healthy savoury dishes. 


Top 3 self-care strategies:

Ocean swims – especially at night when it’s quiet and peaceful. 

Saying ‘no’ to things without feeling guilty when it’s good for me. 

Cold showers to get me out of my head and reset my nervous system.

sarah cooper thea beaded necklace atlas gold ring reliquia jewellery

Top 3 sips and snacks: 

Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil Chips (iykyk)

Dark chocolate with macadamia butter and rock salt 

Raw Bar negroni or Cococoast coconut water (depending on mood)


Top 3 tunes to lift the mood:

Absolutely Everybody – Vanessa Amorosi 

See You Again – Miley Cyrus 

Shake It – Metro Station 

(all my top running songs 😂


Top 3 not-so-guilty pleasures:

Pistachio gelato 

Watching Vampire Diaries for the 100th time 

Staying in and cooking on a Saturday night

sarah cooper gold hoops gold ring beaded necklace reliquia jewellery

More: @scoopitup_

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