In Case You Were Wondering with Zoe Hoad

reliquia jewellery zoe hoad in bali

Gold Coast born-and-bred Zoe Hoad almost (almost) has us believing in an endless summer. Captured during a recent trip to Bali, the content creator shows off some Reliquia Jewellery stunners, including gold hoop earrings and dainty cuff bracelets. Read on to get inspired by her style, her attitude and her dedication to sleep.

Top 3 words to describe your style:

Effortless, classy and comfortable.

Top 3 outfit-defining features:

Number one has to be my Splits59 black flare leggings. I wear them every chance I get, and they're just such a chic elevation to activewear.

Second is my custom-made Love Shell Jewellery gold and diamond ring. It's totally unique and very sentimental – a gift from my mum. I've had a few heart-drop moments when I thought I'd lost her... eep!

Third has to be one of my beloved handbags – it changes depending on the outfit. But my most recent on rotation is my YSL Gaby Mini.

reliquia jewellery zoe hoad in beach bikini with gold hoops and bracelets

Top 3 favourite Reliquia Jewellery pieces:

Silas Bracelet

Nantes Cuff

Coralia Hoops

Aspen Earrings

(I have chosen 4 because I couldn't decide!)

Top 3 things you've learnt about yourself lately:

I'm not capable of being basic/quiet/mysterious :')

When I'm living as my true self I can accomplish and be more – for myself and others.

I don't like parsnips or raw pine nuts... they taste like a table.

Top 3 morning rituals:

Water, water, water.

Exercise (first thing!).


Cold shower followed by tallow balm on the skin.

reliquia jewellery zoe hoad gold bracelets and hoop earrings at the beach

Top 3 listens/reads/watches:

Listen: Dr Huberman and Robert Greene interview/podcast (The Huberman Lab).

Read: Rumi – 'Everyman's Pocket Library'.

Watch: Yebba – 'My Mind' – live on YouTube.

Top 3 Instagram accounts:




Top 3 self-care strategies:

Exercise daily (preferably in nature for sunshine and vitamin D!).

Bed before 9pm > 8 hours of sleep.

Non-toxic skincare and unprocessed diet.

reliquia jewellery zoe hoad in bali wearing gold bracelets and hoop earrings

Top 3 sips and snacks:

Organic* kombucha (preferably with green tea base).

Strong* ceremonial grade* matcha (I use NyaRituals because it's naturopath-formulated with tremella – the 'beauty mushroom' – for a daily dose of hyaluronic acid).

Pickles... organic, lol.

Top 3 tunes to lift the mood:

The Love Cats – The Cure

Bad Guy – Billie Eilish

Little Bit – Lykke Li

Top 3 not-so-guilty pleasures:

A sleep in <3

Champagne, caviar and blinis (for breakfast).

Drunk online shopping (for unusual, smart but not-so-glamourous things... like earthing paediatric footwear 😑).

reliquia jewellery zoe hoad on the sand with big gold hoop earrings
Zoe wears: Silas Bracelet, Nantes Cuff, Coralia Hoops.
Captured by Ryan Robson.

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