It’s Cancer Season with Reliquia Jewellery

cancer star sign collage


June 21 - July 22

The Vibe

Big, big feelings reside here. Cancer Season celebrates the intuits, the sensitive, the beauties who are so in touch with emotions (those of themselves and everyone else, too). Perhaps it’s because of their nostalgic tendencies, clinging to unfulfilled dreams and ‘the good old days’.

Sometimes moody but deeply nurturing, this season is about leaning into the homebody-ish ways of our dearly loved Crabs. Find a fulfilling sense of routine and seek stability; reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Hibernate if you have to, but remember, even times of quiet don’t have to be mundane.  

Your Cancer Queens: Lana Del Rey, Frida Kahlo, Meryl Streep, Solange.


The To-Dos

- Schedule a closet clean-out. Pump the tunes (cue a high-vibe playlist full of Charli XCX, Chappell Roan and Cancer Queen Lana), gather the snacks and a warming beverage, and make your wardrobe work for you. A mid-season reset is where it’s at. 

Host an affordable dinner party. The joy of dining at home in winter – there’s no need to step outside. Dress up, light the candles, invite your faves and feast in style (without breaking the budget).

Then plan a date with the TV (and your most-loved). A marathon viewing of Australia’s best films is the perfect way to reconnect with your younger self and feel it all. Grab the popcorn and the tissues; you’re in for a rollercoaster.

Get cosy with a new read. There are so many words and so little time (before the temperature heats up again), so make it count with a much-anticipated arrival. Find your nook and settle in.


The Trinkets

Of course, the Star Sign Necklace puts your emotions on immediate display, but the July Birthstone, Ruby, is the ultimate symbol of self. Lost in the depths of the blood-red hue, sense the love swirling and the emotion pulling, igniting that passion, care and generosity that is so central to your being.

Wear your birthstone around your neck and on your ears, fully on display, then add your gold jewellery favourites to layer: a chunky chain, a classic boyfriend necklace, and hoop earrings galore. 

Imagery: Sex And The City, 'Grief Is For People' by Sloane Crosley, Kayla Necklace by Reliquia Jewellery, @toastedbyeli, @the_60s_interior, @cowboyygab, Pinterest.