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      jasmin howell pepa cardigan green blanca

      Top 3 Reliquia Collective pieces you wear:

      Pepa Cardigan Green (I live in this cardi - the perfect fit & colour)

      Benny Shirt in Green (gives me all the 90s stockbroker vibes)

      Upper Class Bangles (not mine yet but I have been searching for the perfect bracelet stack and this is it)

      pepa cardigan green reliquia blanca

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      benny shirt green reliquia blanca

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      upper class bangles reliquia jewellery gold

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      Top 3 podcasts (or books if you aren't the podcast type):

      I prefer books, I LOVE

      1. The Great Gatsby - I've read it countless times and it always transports me to another era. F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing is really inspiring to me.

      2. Shoe Dog - a memoir by Nike's Phil Knight. I first picked this up at an airport as a travel read and instantly became hooked - a great insight into the realities, struggles and perseverance required in Business and life generally.

      3. Any of the Slim Aarons books - I know these don't constitute a 'read' but I absolutely love photography, particularly film, circa 60s/70s, so I always love a revisit and flick through of my collection. La Dolce Vita & Poolside are two of my favourites.

      Top 3 Instagram accounts:

      1. @theridgeline_ is a new account of mine, and is a catalogue of the progress of restoring, redesigning and renovating my new home - an 1800s cottage with a European Sensibility.

      theridgeline instagram jasmin howell

      2. @condenasttraveller used to be my go to when searching for new and uncovered places to travel to. Now it serves as good inspiration for when we have the ability to adventure again.

      conde nast traveller spain

      3. @1stdibs I'm obsessed with antiques - furniture, art, clothing, anything really, so I love browsing 1st Dibs insta & website - I can get lost for hours!

      1stdibs heart chair

      Top 3 self-care strategies:

      Anything that helps me 'disconnect' & 'distract' - previously it would be travel - uncovering and exploring new cities and towns. For now, I find myself spending a lot of time gardening, in the kitchen cooking and pushing my culinary repertoire. Basically making a conscious effort to dedicate time to the things that bring you happiness ;)

      Top 3 colours for spring:

      I LOVE COLOUR, so for me, the more the better - you'll always see me in green, yellow and lately I'm really loving bold cobalt blues.

      Top 3 movies or TV shows:

      1. A Bigger Splash - transports me to Euro Summer every time, plus Tilda Swinton's custom Dior wardrobe is HEAVEN!

      2. American Gigolo - again heavy on the style references, Richard Gere's wardrobe is custom Armani, and Lauren Hutton's Bottega references are spot on!

      3. Succession - My latest obsession - eagerly awaiting season #3.

      nina jacket blanca reliquia collective

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      rovidgo necklace reliquia jewellery

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      evil eye huggies reliquia jewellery

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      Opening image via @jasminhowell

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