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      In Case You Were Wondering with Jordyn Rose

      jordyn rose frankie shirt blue blanca

      This cutie deserves a few minutes in the spotlight (more than that, actually). Jordyn Rose rocks a delicate vibe - slightly earthy, a little bit whimsical with a distinctly Scandi touch. Basically, a soothing daily dose of inspiration.

      Top 3 Reliquia Collective pieces:

      Samantha Blazer in Beige - I think I've worn this every day since I bought it. It just takes an average outfit to a whole new level. LOVE.

      Chambord Knit - I can't pick a colour! Maybe the Orange after seeing it on Em Rata, like are you jokinggggg. (Wipes drool from mouth).

      Star Sign Necklace - I remember receiving one of these necklaces for my birthday when I was in high school. It's such a special piece, I still wear mine all the time.

      Top 3 podcasts:

      Oprah's Super Soul - I laaarrvveee Oprah.

      Beyond the Bump - Not that I have children but Jayde and Sophie are just hilarious.

      Swipe Up - I think Martha is my favourite person in the world. How is someone allowed to be funny AND hot? She's God's favourite.

      jordyn rose blanca samantha blazer

      Top 3 reads:

      I looove reading so  L O V E this question. Hard to pick 3 but sheesh I'll try.

      The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer - this book will completely change the way you look at life. "You're floating in empty space in a universe that goes on forever. If you have to be here, at least be happy and enjoy the experience. You're going to die anyway." - this is a quote from the book. Deep I know, but simply true.

      A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle - THIS book actually changed my life. After reading this, my whole life directory shifted majorly. "This is my secret," he said. "I don't mind what happens."

      The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield - this one is more interesting than your average self help book, as it has a story line. "I think nothing happens by coincidence... No one is here by accident... Everyone who crosses our path has a message for us."

      I'm clearly not a rom-com fiction book gal. Gimme the deepest thing you got. I wanna know about Aliens.

      Top 3 Instagram accounts:

      Toughie. My faves at the moment are:

      @ariadnatb - She has the COOLEST style and she makes the best reels I've ever seen.

      @mikaelaroses - She's a mum and she's just everything. Her family are goaallllss.

      @rubytuesdaymatthews - She's real and she's hot and she's funny what more could you want from an influencer?

      instagram ariadna mikaelaroses ruby tuesday matthews

      Top 3 self-care strategies:

      Exercise - I won't pretend it's not a struggle to get up at 530am and go to the gym but the feeling you get afterward is worth the sore eyes.

      Eating fruit & veg - "Mum, I'm hungry..." "Have a piece of fruit." Just listen to your mum. It grows out of the Earth, it has to be the healthiest thing you can eat.

      Saying "I love you" to yourself - It's hard and awkward at first. Look in the mirror and say "I love you," you might laugh. We have to love ourselves, we are all we have at the end of the day (I'm getting deep again, soz).

      Top 3 daily beauty rituals:

      Water, water, water - 60-70% of your body is water. Don't dry yourself out, have a drink. (OF WATER).

      Moisturise - It's an effort I know, but there is no better feeling than soft, hydrated skin.

      @thebeautychef powders - These are a must. Give your gut the love it deserves.

      Top 3 cocktail orders:

      Margarita - No words can explain the feeling of the salty rim touching your tongue after a long day.

      Aperol Spritz - This one's a classic. Also so good for an Insta story, such a pretty colour.

      Espresso Martini - I order these at the end of the night to spruce myself up a bit. I ALWAYS regret it the next day. Coffee at night? Yes but no but YES.

      jordyn rose blanca cocktail

      Top 3 movies or TV shows:

      Schitt's Creek - This is the funniest TV show I've ever watched. I'm currently watching the series for the second time. I want to marry Dan Levy.

      Step Brothers - I think I know every word to this movie. Will Ferrell is just the best. "I'm not gonna call him dad, not even if there's a fire." HAHA.

      Selling Sunset - What's better than watching pretty women sell very very expensive houses.

      jordyn rose pepa cardigan pink blanca

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