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Top 3 Reliquia Collective pieces:

Towel Set - Wide Stripe in Lilac

Ringo Pants

Melville Sleepers

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Top 3 favourite Instagram accounts:


anna winck instagram checkerboard


jacquie alexander instagram cowgirl

@flavortownUSA (I love Guy Fieri hahaha)

flavortown usa instagram

And an extra just because:


matilda djerf instagram hair curtain bangs

Top 3 self-care strategies:

Take the necessary time to unwind and relax and reset

Drink lots of water

Be kind to yourself and others

Top 3 nail trends / tips to try:

Hmmm... I love almost anything involving french tips haha so I think it's exciting to see new spins on it. 

I also love bedazzled nails and although I haven't been able to tackle the look on myself, I love the look of airbrushed nails!


Use cuticle oil! Also always try to keep your hands hydrated - try to keep a lotion in your bag at all times! (:

Last tip.. the CND Vinylux top coat makes any nail design look 10x better!

lauren ladnier nails french tips colourful

Top 3 ways to promote happiness everyday:

Giving someone a compliment! Something as small as "I love your coat" can make someone's day! It also makes me feel good to give compliments!

Putting positive energy out into the world.

Watch a show or video that brings you joy or listen to a song that makes you dance and smile.

lauren ladnier ringo pants blanca

Top 3 movies or TV shows:

Notting Hill

Diners, Drive In and Dives

The Office

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