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      Libra Season: The Month Ahead

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      September 23 - October 22

      Our level-headed voice and equilibrium seeker. A charmer and talker, always surrounded by friends. An aesthete through and through with impeccable style and a penchant for the finer things in life.

      The Month Ahead

      Mercury retrograde ends mid-month (can we hear a loud hurrah?). Then the moment we’ve been waiting for: Spring Equinox occurs on September 23, followed by the Harvest Moon on the 29th. Transiting in Aries, this season of renewal and fresh ideas has a fiery undertone, so vibe with the impulsiveness, but don’t lose sight of the big picture.

      This Libra season, prepare to compromise and find the ‘happy medium;’ get creative, get excited and welcome the beautiful things in life by the armful.

      LIBRA / 

      Feeling particularly nostalgic as another birthday circles around, perhaps it’s time to get internal – while surrounded by your faves. A 90s and 00s movie night, buttery popcorn and  Olivia Earrings included, is the celebratory antidote.    

      SCORPIO / 

      Get lost in your dreams this season, paying more attention than usual, with a journal to jot recollections and feelings. Even better, share it with a close friend – the ultimate relationship deepener, seeing into your  Ciro Necklace-baring soul.



      It’s time for wandering and seeking new paths. Recruit a new friend and get outdoors, tuning into your senses via a morning of coastal hiking. For an appropriately beautiful touch, add the understated  Giovanni Earrings.

      CAPRICORN / 

      Our hard worker needs a reset, so it’s about time you gave yourself permission to get a little wild. Let your hair loose, feel the weight of the  Giacomo Necklace and arrange an evening outing – cocktails, bougie dinner and dancing essential.


      AQUARIUS / 

      Let strangers in; get real and get intimate. Keep dinner lessReal Housewivesdrama and more community-based, signing up for anoffline meeting of the minds withClub Sup. Break the ice with the statement  Alonzo Earrings.               


      PISCES /

      Although the social drive may be waning, this season is vital for relationships. Find the balance a la Libra and book a weekend getaway with friends. Curate a schedule with lots of downtime – quiet moments allowed in the soft/smooth  Rocco Earrings.

      ARIES / 

      Collaboration is key this season, so use it to your advantage. Meet with like-minded friends and indulge your creativity – what new projects can you take on together? Consider the artful  Arturo Necklace your talisman.


      TAURUS /

      Perhaps a taste of new romance is on the horizon (friend or partner-based). Fight the friction and sign up for aunique speed dating experience – who knows what could happen? Feel extra glam in the gorgeous  Tito Earrings.


      GEMINI / 

      Home is still the centre of your universe, so maybe it’s time you shared it with others. Call in the warmth and excitement of the new season, hosting a decadent long lunch with carefully selected pals. The hostess requires a statement  Paolo Necklace.

      CANCER /

      A call to self-care, take on a Libra attitude and share it with others – truly a two-birds-one-stone situation. We’re thinking face masks, manis/pedis, a fun nail art sesh and a few glitter indulgences. Show off those pretties in the  Corrado Ring.

      LEO / 

      If finances are your focus this month, consider extending the circle outwards. Find a local charity and pitch a fundraising idea – a clothes swap, a street party, a dog wash. It calls for a practical accessory in the ever-ready  Rocky Necklace.

      VIRGO / 

      It’s time to shed and let go of what is no longer needed. Treat those who are by your side in as an out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new celebration – it could be as simple as cocktails by the beach with the  Alfonso Ring on hand.

      Imagery: @90sanxiety, Haller Revue Berlin ~1928, @sol_calypso, @laurenbamford, @clubsup_,, @alisoneroman, @slow_roads