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Lily Harris is a holistic health practitioner and recipe developer, otherwise known as @lilyfeedsyou. Her grounded and nutrient-dense approach to food always inspires us to eat a little bit smarter and healthier, without sacrificing any of the enjoyment. Food lovers unite and join us in this deep-dive on all things snacking. 

Can you talk us through your food philosophy? Where did this come from?

My food philosophy is not restrictive, it keeps blood sugar balance in mind and involves all food groups (unless dealing with a specific intolerance or condition). Everything is individual, but if I could steal one food philosophy it would be Michael Pollan's, "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants," and I'd humbly add, "Removing shame."

My mission is to build confidence within my holistic nutrition clients to make the decision-making process easier when out in the world and move onto the stage where exploring health becomes fun. Health really is romancing the body.

I built these beliefs after my own Celiac Disease diagnosis. The limitations that Celiac Disease brought me forced me to rebuild a healthy life that focused on curiosity and pleasure as opposed to restriction and feeling left out. I want to participate in life and to do that I have to feel good! Food and lifestyle comes first.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from seasonal produce and staying in tune with what makes my body feel best. When we cook for ourselves at home, not only do we get to control what goes into our bodies,  but we really get to know and appreciate our ingredients. It's all about connecting the dots and building those strong connections between food, lifestyle, mind and body.

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What is your go-to look when in the kitchen?

I love silk slip dresses. They're a great way to transition from day to night and begin to wind down as I prep dinner.

Otherwise, it's honestly a work in progress. I used to have a part time office job as I grew my holistic nutrition career, but I no longer have to dress for that so I'm currently exploring my personal style. Now it includes a lot of vintage, which is a hobby of mine.

What are your top three pantry essentials? 

Three pantry essentials? That's so hard. I keep canned beans and coconut milk around so that I can easily throw together a quick meal paired with fresh produce from my fridge. Also, because I love smoothies, I have to say protein powder. I always have a few flavours on hand.

What are your go-to snacks that offer a healthy boost, curb reaching for sugary treats, and are simply to put together?

My main answer would be to eat enough at each meal to satiate yourself until the next, but we live in a modern society, we travel, we have other things going on so snacks will happen. I love olives, beef jerky without added sugar, and smoothies!

If I have a sweet tooth, it's dark chocolate with nuts for me or I love unsweetened coconut yogurt with cacao nibs and a bit of nut butter. I'll also keep these Tahini Fudge Freezer Squares in my freezer for easy access. They're a perfectly balanced sweet treat and they taste like an ice cream sandwich. Lastly, tinned fish!

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Do you have any tips for adding extra vegetables into our snacking habits?

I will keep certain vegetables like celery, carrots and peppers cut up in the fridge for easy access. If they're around and they're ready, I'll eat them. Bring them along when you travel too!

My next advice is to pickle your vegetables or buy pickles without added sugars or dye. I love pickled beets as a snack, and I've shared my favourite recipe for them on my Patreon Cooking Club here. Come make them with me!

You won't eat what's not around, so try replacing those potato chips with veggies and dip. You can't go wrong with the old school celery with peanut butter or a quickly tossed together salad with whatever's in your fridge.

Also, add greens to your smoothies!

If you had to pick one snack to live off for the rest of time, what would it be?

I'm not sure that this counts as a snack, but I would choose fresh oysters. They're extremely nutrient dense, they taste like salt water which I love, they feel special, and they're filling. 

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