There is no doubt, this lockdown feels more unrelenting and difficult than the last. We need distractions, inspiration and motivation, so we are launching a new mini-series to highlight how some of our favourite creatives and friends are keeping occupied. To kick things off, we recruited our founder and creative director, Ana Piteira (and our pal Burger). 

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What's keeping you busy in lockdown?

I recently moved home, so this lockdown has been a nice opportunity to place things, re-arrange things, and overall nest. I've also been trying to stay as active as possible. We're so lucky to have moved right by the water, so cold ocean-pool dips and evening walks have been a nice reprieve from the monotony of being at home.

What's happening in your kitchen?

Not a great deal! Last lockdown, I was really adventurous and found comfort in cooking. This time around, I have been keeping things very simple. Having said that, there are still some yummy comfort meals taking place - mostly of the pasta variety.

How are you soothing your soul?

I don't know about soothing my soul. I have found this time around (as I know a lot of people have) quite challenging! Zoom drinks, pottery and painting, have all lost their charm at this stage. I am mostly trying to keep calm and not force myself to pile on activities just for the sake of feeling productive.

ana piteira aeyre home interior

Where is your favourite corner at home?

Our new lounge room is definitely the most serene part of the home. It overlooks the water and most importantly, it is where our TV is and is therefore where we have been spending quite a lot of time. It also has a little fireplace which adds to the cosy feelings.

Where are you finding inspiration online?

I have been focusing a lot on inspiration around interiors. I've mixed things up with this move and love the process of updating and creating a space that honours the location we are in while still reflecting our personal style.

ana piteira home interior reliquia

How are you spending your evenings in?

I've been watching quite a lot of television this lockdown. Key show recommendations include: Dr Death, rewatching old episodes of Hotel Hell and old faithful, Seinfeld - I've watched twenty times or more. 

Care to share your current favourite lockdown recipe or meal?

I have been making this Greek-style chicken soup by Athena Calderone at least once a week. 

athena calderone greek style chicken soup eyeswoon

Imagery via @anacpiteira

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