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ryan cullen photographer

Visiting the Instagram profile of photographer, creative and keeper of beautiful images, Ryan Cullen, is an act of self-care in itself. Scroll down for even more of the good stuff.

What's keeping you busy in lockdown?

Raising a newborn... River, our 16 week old Goldador puppy. While he is the sweetest boy he is also very curious and always exploring!

What's happening in your kitchen?

I have been growing Oyster mushrooms on my benchtop! It is such a thrill to see them grow at the rate that they do and to just appreciate the beauty that is mother nature. I've just placed my order for a kit to grow Lion's Mane - excited to see this one grow as it is otherworldly.

ryan cullen oyster mushroom

How are you soothing your soul?

There have been plenty of FaceTime calls with family and friends from home in Byron which is bringing me comfort. I have also tried to remain conscious of my breath, to breathe deep into the belly opposed to short, shallow breathing that I tend to do while on autopilot.

Where is your favourite corner at home?

There is a curved window in the lounge room which overlooks Redleaf Bay and drenches the room in sunlight. You can hear the distant sound of people enjoying the company of their loved ones and the lapping waves on the beach. This brings me joy, it also alleviates the feeling of being isolated in lockdown.

ryan cullen river puppy

Where are you finding inspiration online?

I feel like I consume SO much content and nothing seems to be sticking to the sides. I have been finding interviews with artists explaining their creative journeys. Specifically actors discussing their process to get into character for iconic roles!

How are you spending your evenings in?

I have loved listening to Desert Island Discs while cooking, hearing the stories of such a varied group of people. When I'm not cooking Ed and I have been ordering from places like Bistrot 916, Fratelli, Fred's and Sang! Mr Niland at home is also an absolute MUST! Jazz on the record player also helps. Nina Simone, Duke Ellington, Amy Winehouse and so on!
ryan cullen photography

Care to share your favourite lockdown meal?

Anything from Ottolenghi's Simple because as the name suggests, it's simple.I also cook congee quite a bit in winter - there isn't a more comforting meal in my opinion.
ryan cullen river puppy photographer
Imagery via @ryancullen