ilkin kurt

What's keeping you busy in lockdown?

Cooking, literally when I wake up the first thing comes to my mind is ‘what shall I be cooking today?’

What's happening in your kitchen?

Lots of salads, stuffed or roasted vegies.

How are you soothing your soul?

Weirdly I have been listening old Turkish songs quite often these days, 1940’s-50’s. They are not just musically masterpieces, the lyrics are almost like short stories, tells a story with impeccable language.

Where is your favourite corner at home?

I’m mostly around dining table, either for work or cooking. We get an amazing sun all day long, so nice to feel the warmth of the sun, around 4.30 pm you can find me in my ultimate corner, the balcony. Sunsets and wine have been a good and bad influence on me.

Where are you finding inspiration online?

I don t find IG that inspiring as it used to, the algorithms etc made it a bit meh. But I still like these accounts below:

the archers inc instagram architecture


atelier vime interior


alexander fury schiaparelli


mick jagger ben cobb


sunkist katie burnett

On my phone, Vogue Runway app is the most go to. is still on my radar for fashion/art related news...

How are you spending your evenings in?

I didn’t own a tv for soooo long, and now I have one! Watching movies in the dark has been a fav lately.

What's your favourite way to wear/style Reliquia Collective at home?

I’m almost addicted to incense and loving the Aeyre one.

Care to share your current favourite lockdown meal or recipe?

Salad for two:

Just a very basic salad: it is all about putting together lots of different ingredients.

Good amount of Celery and its leaves, half a pear, half mandarin, radicchio, roasted walnuts, radish, parsley, white wine vinegar, 1 table spoon orange juice, squeeze of lemon, salt and zaatar herbs.

I use radicchio as a base and chopped everything else and toss everything together in a big bowl. Top with an abundance of fresh parsley with walnuts and a generous drizzle of olive oil, mix them and add the orange juice and squeeze the lemon, give it a stir then add the white wine vinegar, I put heaps as I like the sharp taste. Lastly add salt and zaatar. You can also add couscous or quinoa to make it interesting.

ilkin kurt radicchio salad

Main image via @ilkinkurt

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