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What's keeping you busy in lockdown?

We are fostering a sick street kitten who we have named Montgomery Burns as he has patchy fur. He is getting better by the day but it's certainly kept us busy and given us something to think about. It's nice to facilitate growth and healing for something while we are in a state of hopelessness.

What's happening in your kitchen?

A lot going on in the kitchen at the moment. On weeknights it's simple meals, on weekends I have time to play around more, develop recipes, learn new skills etc. At the moment I am doing banana pudding filled cream buns because I refuse to fall into the banana bread void.

citrus cardamom cake ella jane

How are you soothing your soul?

Reading good books, feeling the sun on my face, allowing myself room to feel my emotions and do childlike things. We all need to be comforted right now, and I think removing guilt from things is a good place to start in terms of soul-soothing. It might look like feeding your body what it wants, giving it gentle movement, doing things that make you laugh and being kind on the days where it's all a bit much.

Where is your favourite corner at home?

The edge of the couch under my alpaca throw. A large Arc lamp hangs over my head and I can stare at the neatest corner of the house - a standalone Wassily chair and a stack of good books. 

Where are you finding inspiration online?

To be quite frank, I am not finding a lot of inspiration online right now. It feels quite oversaturated and because I spend most of my day keeping up with the zeitgeist for work, it's not the same space as it once was for me. Instead, I'm finding it in the words of female food writers like MFK Fisher and Elizabeth David, and in other great novels I've been reading.

Also in films, the classics and the more obscure. More on that below. I think when things slow down like this it forces us to look for joy and inspiration in smaller moments, so I've been trying my best to just stay present and let creativity come from elsewhere so I'm not adding to the noise.


How are you spending your evenings in?

I recently finished the series Feel Good by Mae Martin. It was exceptional and the first piece of entertainment I've watched in a while that captures queer struggle as being part of life struggle and not a separate story arc which was very refreshing. The writing is so intimate yet resounding, and the directing only drove it home. Could, and probably will, recommend it forever.

Care to share your current favourite lockdown recipe or meal?

This is tough because I have been cooking a lot, but my go-to to feel nourished and super satisfied is a roast chicken. Last lockdown I relied heavily on a roast chicken with grapes, olives, lemon and tomatoes all roasted together which I shared via Instagram and people still send me pictures of their versions. This lockdown it is a similar take but with different ingredients. Instead, I've been doing chicken, fresh fennel, leeks, lemons and dates roasted together. Maybe I should make an updated chicken video (the first was uncomfortable enough). 

Imagery via @ellajanee

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