Pisces Season: The Month Ahead

pisces collage


February 19 - March 20

A romanticiser, fantasiser and dreamer, you've got that push and pull between the real and the imagined. A compassionate (but emotional) friend, inspiring creativity and hope. A true water-dweller, being swallowed in the ocean, dipping under a cool wave and savouring sandy feet – the entry to your self-awakening.

The Month Ahead

We have this thing for little fish (anchovies, sardines, anyone?). So petite and munchable, stacked and huddled in their small tins. This is the overarching feeling – like we need some good coddling to protect our emotions, some more structure and routine, without going overboard. It’s a delicate balance as the last sign of the Zodiac prompts us to wrap up the old and gear up for the new (maybe shedding a few tears in the process). 

The Full Moon in Virgo rises on February 24, pushing this need for order and organisation, also driving inner stubbornness and anxiety to the surface. Expect a hotbed of feelings, but handle the chaos with deep breathing, time out and a double dose of self-care. Stacking on all your gold jewellery counts, too.

On March 10, the New Moon in Pisces highlights the influence of this creative bunch. Keep ideating, dreaming, making, thinking and feeling (absolutely everything). You got this, sis.



Timely that your month is all about connections, dear fishy. Break out of the birthday bash norm and host a crafternoon – a chance to fuse your creative passions with authentic conversations (and delicious bevs). Wear the Eliana Huggies to spark your artistic flame.


Use this organising push to your advantage; see it as a time to knuckle down, then thrive. Simmer on the impulsiveness and relish the craft of the meal prep (tips here), wearing the Everly Earrings ofc. You’ll reap the monetary rewards – save it for your upcoming celebratory time.


Put your mind to it this month and master the creative itch that has needed scratching. Get your hands dirty with a lump of clay – easily done from the comfort of home – a jewellery dish, you say? Imbue that spirit in the passionate, inspiring Tuscany Necklace.


Feeling a little nostalgic and hungry for home, pick up the call to build new routines. A revived cleaning schedule (with a pump-up playlist) or a monthly afternoon tending to the herb garden. Settle in, petal, and enjoy the easy, timeless beauty of the Mia Earrings.


No more second-guessing. Keep on daydreaming, darling, but now is your chance to make it your reality. Take destiny into your own hands and hit ‘send’ on that email, ask for that raise, wear the powerfully chunky Greyson Ring to inspire and own.

LEO / 

Things are coming up all dollar signs this month, so make sure it’s for the positive. Get financially fit, secure and content in your position. Learn from the best at She’s On The Money (if you haven’t already binged every episode). And because we still deserve treats – the Kinsley Earrings.


Shed the outer layers that have stopped you from blossoming recently. Open yourself to the new world, new beginnings and a land of opportunity. Ponder these thoughts over a homemade iced matcha latte, journaling and doodling with the Alice Earrings clasped lobe-side.


A time for healing and slowness, use your spare hours in productive downtime. We call this wardrobe organisation therapy – play some vibey tunes, burn your favourite incense and tackle the task. The Silas Bracelet gives the situation an extra glam touch.


No matter how dark your creative desires, there’s a need to draw a crowd this month. Host a DIY lunch on the lawn, set up a martini bar a la Alison Roman, and invite all your honeys to attend in their finest get-up. The intricate, old-world glamour Raelynn Bracelet for your effort.


Don’t let a fallen tree push you off your path. Have confidence, stay true to your steps and keep pushing on (remember, you can go under or over). Find a cute af notebook to jot all your goals and dreams, visualising your ideal year and the actions to take. Wear the Akira Necklace – nice and close.


Back to working hard, this is your gentle push to keep going. You’ve got this. You’re capable. You’re amazing, babe. Get stuck into a good podcast on your daily walk – a pep talk and reminder that imperfection is not failure. Up your glow, stay confident, in the Amira Necklace.


As our beloved Jewel would say, “Follow your heart, your intuition.” Listen to your gut and clear the mind daily with your unique take on morning pages. Start the day refreshed and revived, maybe with a groundbreaking, earth-shattering epiphany. The Kian Necklace is your reminder.

Imagery: @helloadrianne, @brutt.a, Mina Necklace, @fixationclub, @pinkreference, @resetnyc, @gatton_michelle and @_hugoyu for @nymag.