Let your jewels live a happy life: here's our brief care guide.

Gold-filled & Sterling Silver staples

gold chains reliquia jewellery

Please note: gold-filled jewellery is not solid gold. 

Prevention is always the best policy - we strongly recommend avoiding your jewellery from coming into contact with any chemicals. This includes, but is not limited to, cosmetics, perfume, lotions and saltwater. Remove jewellery before exercising, swimming and showering. A little bit of extra care goes a long way; these precautions help prevent the jewellery from wearing down or discolouring. 

A cleaning cloth may be used to protect your jewellery. Please take note of the specific cleaning cloth purchased as different cloths are used for different metals - always make sure you are using the right one!

Wipe down your jewellery after each wear to remove any residue from the day, and we always recommend you store the piece in the box provided in-between wears. Keep the jewellery cool and dry.

Due to the nature of metals, tarnishing may naturally occur over time. This is always dependent on a number of factors, including the acidity of your skin and the way you care for your jewellery.

Be wary of excessive tugging of the chains - our chains are fine, so harsh wear can result in distorted links or snapping. 

Pearl darlings

pearl jewellery reliquia necklace earrings

Do as grandma would: protect those precious pearls!

As with the instructions above, pearls cannot come into contact with any chemicals. Avoid cleaning clothes made for gold or silver pieces. Keep your pearls away from extreme temperatures.

A little love goes a long way ❤️



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