Sagittarius Season: The Month Ahead

sagittarius season


November 22 - December 21

A big-spirited adventurer. A deft Archer, always seeking answers, seeking more, seeking every experience life can offer. A nomad needing the space to roam, free as can be. 

The Month Ahead

Gearing up for the end of the year, abuzz with social activities and celebratory catch-ups, the theme of the season is getting out there and going for it. Harness each moment and live it to the fullest. For once, ‘Live Laugh Love’ may apply, but we’re advocating for a personal touch far removed from cringe motivational posters. Live lightly, laugh a lot, tune into the optimism that comes with sunshine and holiday spirit, and wear a lot of gold jewellery (always). 

The full moon in Gemini hits on November 27, triggering the unexpected, while Venus transitions into Scorpio on December 5 – is that romance we smell? Don’t be alarmed, but Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn on December 13. Use this as a chance to reflect, revisit, and plan for an even bigger and better 2024. 



There’s a corner of your soul dedicated to creativity, begging for time in the sun. Let the artiness shine through daily practice – a simple doodle in the corner of your notebook each morning will suffice. The Emma Earrings are your inspiration.


Step out of your comfort zone and taste sweet, sweet freedom. Take it literally and hike a mountain you’ve never traversed before; metaphorically, and strike up a conversation with a stranger. The Kinsley Earrings will do most of the talking.


Express yourself! The key to unlocking your heart, mind and deepest dreams. Start putting glue to paper and jump on the scrapbooking wagon (inspiration right here) with soulful music in the background, the Asher Bracelet jangling against each page.


While the end of the year is a great time for reflection, amp up your future focus. What projects will 2024 bring? Where will you explore? Start a moodboard – on paper or Pinterest – to track these great loves. The Eliana Huggies for your La Rochelle-hued dreams.


What truly lights your fire? Put on your oxygen mask and prioritise your passion – a risk in itself. Follow that wandering heart, create your Euro 2024 itinerary, and host an evening of homemade French onion soup and tarte tatin to get in the zone. Elora Necklace on.         


It’s time for honesty in your relationships – that takes a lot of guts and emotional willpower. Share what’s on your mind and highlight that little win (opening up) with a well-deserved treat. An oyster or two will do, wearing the Atlas Ring.


Maintaining healthy daily practices is tough at the best times, near impossible in the silly season. Feel rejuvenated and ready for anything with a welcome infrared sauna session, a protein-perfect smoothie and the simplicity of the Mia Earrings.


It’s okay to take time out from the social whirlwind. Make your alone moments precious, reviving enough to truly get out there and go for it. A little stretch and release, a few downward dogs, and the Amira Necklace will get you pumping again. 

LEO / 

What better time to take the spotlight? With big groups circling and a busy schedule, make every event ultra special, transforming your already fab outfits into something so *extra* (in all the best ways). The Valerie Necklace for an added statement. 


So safe and meticulous, consider your goals for 2024 through the lens of the chance-taker. Some risks are worth it. Make a list, and look at it twice, outlining the brave steps to get you there. Find extra strength in the Olivia Earring’s sturdy shape.


Be done with self-questioning and doubt, listen to your deepest desires and find confidence. Plan a solo trip – whether it’s a stint overseas, a weekend in a new city or a day trawling the cafes and bars you’ve been dying to try. The small but powerful Amaya Ring.


Celebrate your yearly wins, whether big or small. Come out of the trenches and treat yourself, with friends or alone, in whatever way you feel. A little witchy with a new, heady signature scent (even better mixed yourself) and the heart-stopping Akira Necklace.

Imagery: Valerie Necklace; Grease, 1978; via @selflovesupply@martinamartian; via Pinterest; I Can't Sleep, 1994; Maison Balzac; @edeniquefloraldesign.