Scorpio Season: The Month Ahead

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October 23 - November 21

Our complex and frequently misunderstood little scorpions. A passionate and innately powerful being with deep, undying loyalty to close friends. The perfect interviewer (listen, don’t tell), but, warning, this tail may sting.

The Month Ahead

This month, we’re leaning into Hilary Duff’s  Metamorphosis era – a season of changes, both big and small, as we emerge better, stronger and more in-tune with ourselves than ever. During the most intense moments of Scorpio szn – because transformation isn’t always easy – remember to stay authentic, committed to being free of superficiality.

Saturn retrograde ends on November 4th, giving a chance to reflect and reconsider compassion, while the New Moon on November 13th will enhance this period of rebirth and awareness of self. Here’s to the new, BTYB BLANCA’s sumptuous summer.


Feelings of impostor syndrome and negativity are officially cancelled; this is your month to embrace confidence, baby. Consider your wardrobe one aspect as you reach into the darkest corners of your being. Stun the party in the Lazlo Tie Top and Skirt set.            


Our adventurous butterfly, remember to take precious switch-off time. Refresh, rest and reset: it’s okay to travel the world via the screen from the comfort of your bubble bath. Dress for the Italian escape you want, too, in the Florentina Vest.



This continuing theme of loosening up might be a challenge, but it’s intended for feeling better. Vulnerability is beautiful, so let your friends in – start the conversation with the help of Self Care Originals (and dress on-theme in the calming Bria Pants).



Spirituality runs through your bones as big dreams and ambitions come to light. Let these thoughts in; stew on them with the help of a little active meditation – a swim, a walk or self-guided yoga. Opt for the Meliore Shirt as a post-sesh cover-up. 



New ideas are always bubbling away, but this month, pay close attention: what are they telling you? Take note of patterns and repetition as you journal your dreams; self-discovery starts at night. Satisfying both the waking and slumbering world, the Amelia Shirt and Shorts.              


A busy bee with constant social appointments, use this transformative period to pause. FOMO can wait. Use an app like 5-Minute Journal to reflect on the past, present and future, then go full-force into each day, wearing the always-appropriate Gioia Shirt.



Take stock of how far you’ve come, dear Taurus. Nurture the relationship with yourself, setting new comforting (and luxurious) routines. It’s time for a spa day, scheduled every month or so, with the Nabila Skirt to really elevate the mood.



We’re talking creativity, spontaneity and mental health this reflective season. Channel your emotions into a new outlet, exploring a little art therapy (fancy some pretty, painted swirls?). Zuzh up the look with the craft-minded Corina Shirt.



Crack your shell open a touch further; let your home, studio and office be a representation of you. Curate an inspiring escape or place of work with the help of ‘dopamine decor’. Make it happy, make it good, and make your outfit match in the Rosana Dress.

LEO / 

Maybe it’s time to lay low, out of the spotlight for a moment, as you refind your footing and place of belonging. Nestle into your hobbies and discover new ways to bond – a book club, a regular TV-viewing party. Try the Holland Shirt for the perfect balance of loud-but-not.


Personal resources are always precious, so be careful with your emotions. It’s time to stop, do something for yourself and give into nostalgia. Watch your favourite 00s film, taste test the modern finger bun and spark comfort in the Rosana Shirt.



Your identity is in focus this season, grappling with speaking your truths and refining this new sense of self. Carve moments that meet your needs and boost pleasure – a sauna time-out is highly recommended. Practical, cute and balanced in the Zanobia Shirt and Shorts.

Imagery: @jessicajroche in the Miral Necklace; 10 Things I Hate About You, 1999; Gap-Toothed Woman, 1978; Emma Hartvig; @press_sf;; Pinterest; Henri Armengol astrological tarot cards, 1928.  

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