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      With this unpredictable weather and sporadic days at the beach, we are willing to try almost anything to keep our skin in check. We chatted to beauty writer/expert Emily Algar for her dossier on summer beauty. 

      What are your top three tips for managing skincare in the middle of summer?

      I'd say wear SPF daily, but you should be doing this year-round! Find a lightweight formula you love - my personal favourites are Ultra Violette and Dermalogica. I like to keep my face mists in the fridge to layer in between serums and moisturisers too. It's refreshing and a nice way to add lightweight hydration. Double cleansing is also important at night to remove sweat and SPF. Personally, I like to use an oil and then a cream or gel (nothing too foaming). You want to feel clean and nourished, not tight and dry.

      How should we be changing our routine in summer vs. winter?

      I think it depends on your skin type and concern. I typically stick to a similar routine year round - I might add an oil in winter if I'm craving extra nourishment. If you are prone to shine, I'd suggest using a water-based moisturiser in summer under your makeup. Sometimes, a hydrating serum and sunscreen will even be enough.

      You might prefer to switch up your cleanser too. A lightweight gel can feel fresh when it's warm out, whereas a cream or balm will fare well during winter. Just go with how your skin is feeling. I will add though that piping hot showers will dry you out in winter. If you like the water scalding (as I do) at least keep your face out of it.

      After a day in the sun or at the beach, how do you recommend we rehydrate and replenish our skin? What products do you turn to?

      Yes! I love to do this. Salt water is great for your skin but it can dry it out. I like to use the Avene Thermal Spring Water Mist (chilled, preferably) and a nice sheet mask. I'm not fussy, but Tatcha, Go-To, 111Skin and La Roche Posay are my favourites. I'll wear them until they start to dry out, massage in remaining serum and seal in with my moisturiser.

      There's actually a Hydrating Neutrogena Sleeping Mask I often buy from Priceline and keep in the fridge too if you don't love sheet masks. It's full of hyaluronic acid and seriously melts. I keep them in the fridge and apply at the end of a hot day. The best part is they're like $4. 

      When it comes to makeup, how can we achieve a simple, glowy and put-together look with minimal effort? What is your favourite way to add a touch of glam or colour for an after-beach dinner or event?

      As for a look that's simple and glowy, less really is more. Start with good skincare and use lightweight products. I find it's so much easier to spot treat areas of concern with a great concealer as opposed to using a heavy duty foundation all over. I also try and keep my nose and hairline free from makeup for a natural, seamless look. Brows are also key. Mine are sparse and unruly so I get them tinted and shaped once every six weeks. It's amazing the difference it makes to my face in terms of appearing put together. I love a clear, glossy highlighter too! My go-to is the Chanel Baume Essentiel in Transparent.

      For a touch of glamour, I'd add a lip because I'm hopeless at eyeliner. Red is a safe bet and Mac Lady Danger is my favourite. Finish with a dusting of bronzer and a full brow. Enjoy!

      What should we always carry with us in case of emergencies - both in terms of skincare and last-minute plans?

      Speaking from experience, I always carry band-aids, a tiny lint roller, mints and Rescue Remedy! Bad breath, furry clothes, blisters and work-related freak outs are not great.

      For skin, I'm a big fan of Lanolips 101 Ointment to nix dryness and irritation. The tube is tiny so it fits in most bags. You could use it as an eyelid gloss, highlighter and brow gel if you really needed to. Concealer, brow gel and a red lipstick are great to have on hand for last-minute drinks/dinner/dancing plans too. 

      What else do you always carry in your summer bag? 

      In terms of beauty, I always have my Lanolips 101 Ointment, a hand sanitiser (standard), Le Labo hand cream, Chanel lip tint, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Liner, Benefit 24-Hour Clear Brow Gel and Slip silk scrunchies. My current bag is kinda small, so there's really only space left for keys, wallet, phone, the aforementioned lint roller and Rescue Remedy!

      Oh, and sunglasses! I love anything Lucy Folk or Celine. I actually just bought a pair of flashy Versace shades too and I'm obsessed. If I switched out a bigger bag, I'd add a book (currently reading Ghosts by Dolly Alderton) and big gold earrings in case I got invited somewhere special. Oh, and water! I hate buying plastic bottles. 

      Opening image via @trustmeiknowbetter

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