Talking Kinesiology with Poppy Delilah

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The new year gives us pause to reflect and recuperate. This time around, we've chatted with colourful gal and Kinesiologist Poppy Delilah to help reframe our creativity, pinpoint our desires and get all the encouragement we need to follow our self. Get ready to highlight these words of wisdom - save them for later. 

Can you give us a brief lowdown on Kinesiology and how you practice it?

Kinesiology is a holistic practice with the intention to bring your body, mind and spirit back to balance and harmony with its natural rhythms.

In Kinesiology, we use a simple tool called muscle testing that taps right into our subconscious, quickly and gently shining a light on where we may be holding onto stress & limiting beliefs that we were unable to pinpoint on our own.

I also weave in Human Design guidance and a reading of your chart into my sessions and we do this online via Zoom, so you can experience this any time from the comfort of home.

I use Kinesiology & Human Design to support my clients in love, self worth, business and embracing life changes and challenges - to start living in a way that is more joyful and authentic to them, regardless of what they have been told, taught or conditioned to believe. 

I particularly enjoy supporting my clients in accessing their confidence, courage and self belief to start their own creative project or business and to let go of the subconscious beliefs that are limiting their capacity to receive success, love and everything they dream of!

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How can these learnings influence the way we live and work?

Human Design gives us an insight into how our energy is best harnessed in the world and, coupled with Kinesiology to identify our limiting beliefs, helps us to find and express our true self.

I believe that when we are in tune with our true self, our dreams and have strong self belief in what we want to offer the world, we set ourselves up for more success in work and to feel fulfilled and inspired by our life.

These are such powerful tools to support us if we are feeling lost or stuck in how we are currently living and how we are spending our precious time.

My intention is for every client to finish a session with me feeling inspired, confident and ready to take action towards their goals and dreams.

On the theme of self, how do you tap into and nurture yourself every day? 

Swimming in the ocean is a big part of my self-care and nurturing practice, and if I can't go for a swim, then a long soak in the bath is my favourite way to end the day. Whenever we manifest a new home, a bath and walking distance to the beach are non-negotiable as it's where I spend much of my time unwinding and coming back to self. I feel very privileged to be able to do so!

And whenever I feel a little stuck or that there is something limiting me from achieving my next goal, I'll book in for a Kinesiology session with a friend. We have to practice what we preach and teach!

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What does a normal day in your life look like?

I split my time between Kinesiology sessions, Human Design readings, content creation and working in fashion retail. Every day is different depending on what work I have on. 

But my husband and I try to get up most days for a sunrise beach walk. We're incredibly lucky to live in Manly, so we love to start our day at the beach and wake up slowly. If we can't make the sunrise walk, we will try to catch the sunset after work.

I then like to create some content in the morning, as that's when the lighting is best at my place, before I start work for the day.

As I mainly practice my sessions online and from home, I will always try and balance the screen time with time out in my garden with my cat Dandy and tending to my (very novice) veggie patch.

I'm loving the world of content creation right now, and my husband and I have also started a lifestyle brand called Fine & Dandy (named after our cat), which we are excited to bring to life in 2023!

Onto colour, which is obviously a huge theme for you. What colours speak to you? How does this influence your fashion choices?

Colour is such a huge theme in my life, and it's become very poignant in the last few years as I grew into myself and my personal style, and understood what makes me most happy and inspired - which is colour!

I definitely go through phases of colour. Right now, bright pink and green are really speaking to me for summer. They feel feminine, classic yet an unexpected combination. I'm slowly coming out of a cobalt blue obsession and still in love with red and pastel yellow. My all time favourite colour is orange - it's considered the happiest colour for a reason!

I love the idea of dopamine dressing and following how I feel on the day, and what colour will best express that or what colour will uplift me if I'm feeling a little down. Sometimes I think I should tone it down and wear more neutral colours, but right now that just doesn't feel like me!

I am always first drawn to something colourful or with a fun pattern. Even on my recent wedding day, I wore baby blue heels and then changed into a second dress covered in red love hearts, as I didn't want to only wear all white.

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What is your go-to look for:

A hard working day = Definitely bike shorts for comfort and ease styled with a button-up shirt or my Blanca Florence Cardigan to make it feel slightly more professional and put together. I'll usually wear my New Balance 550's or super comfy Bali Tailor clogs depending on the day's work.

Vaycay baby = Again, bike shorts over a swim suit or with a sarong as a skirt, and always a Blanca button-up shirt over the top, paired with some bright yellow puffy flip-flops.

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Date night = I'm really into a tailored suit trouser right now or baggy jeans paired with a crop top or a waistcoat. I love clashing styles, textures and prints to make my outfits interesting, so a tailored pant with a casual top feels comfortable yet elevated.

I love finishing off all my looks with statement jewellery like my Reliquia chunky Lodi Chain and Jayne Earrings.

Where do you find inspiration?

I get really inspired and lit up chatting to people about their new business ideas, life dreams and new projects they're working on. I love surrounding myself with people who are working towards a life they truly love living. It's infectious!

I'm definitely a big scroller on Pinterest and through my huge library of saved Insta images to find home and outfit inspiration. I also love reading the online Reliquia Journal and Fashion Journal magazine to find new and interesting people to follow.

When I need some time offline I love flicking through coffee table books and visiting art galleries. And then there's flowers... going for a walk to spy on people's gardens and to spot different types of hibiscus and their different colour combinations - they always blow my mind!

Some of my fave people on Insta to follow are Lucy Williams, Rita Montezuma, Amanda Djerf and Anna Winck - obsessed with every outfit they put together!

And for a fun moodboard and cute feel-good pics, I love following @petitecheriee and @mignonettetakespictures.

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Can you give us your top 3:

Summer hangs -

1. A walk along Manly beach to Fairy Bower for a lazy summer swim, snorkel and dog watching

2. BYO margaritas and picnic to Fairlight rocks to watch the sunset

3. Rent a little dingy boat from Palm Beach and explore little bays around Pittwater

4. I also love an afternoon at Castle Rock for a crystal clear water swim (I'm a Northern Beaches girl these days!)

Coffee table essentials - 

1. Flowers

2. Cute candles (that I can't bring myself to burn)

3. Of course, a beautiful coffee table book full of inspiring images and artwork

Feel-good tunes -

1. So In Love - Curtis Mayfield

2. Both Of Us - Jayda G

3. Down For The Third Time - Bobby Caldwell

Dinner party guests -

My late grandfathers and nana as there are so many questions I would love to ask them and to listen to their old stories.

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Any other parting words of wisdom for us?

Your creations don't always need to be perfect before you share them with the world. It's ok to change your mind or change paths and try to let go of worrying what others think about you (it's a hard one). I believe we will feel most fulfilled when we listen to what feels true for us and let that guide us in life, rather than what we think is expected of us.

I feel like this is the wisdom I need to remember for myself right now!

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