The In List: 2024 in Jewellery

reliquia jewellery 2024 trends big hoop earrings

Starting 2024 on a high note, we’re all about the Ins. We’re planning on reading more, keeping water by our side always, replying to texts (ahem, promptly) and waking up with the sun. We’re also dedicated to bringing you the latest trending jewellery, so every moment from waking to slumber is glistening at its best.

The only Out? Rules. Mix and match, play with jewellery trends in your unique, individual way.

The minimalists and the maximalists, we hear you.

Latest Jewellery Trends

2024 jewellery trends cuffs reliquia


Designed to cling to your forearm, sculpture-like and strong, our favourite cuffs hold harnessable power. Slide on one (or a few), and feel the near-instantaneous transformation – a little bolder, stronger and ready for anything. It’s a secret weapon in the workplace, this sleek curve of gold. Get things done. Level up. In the most chic af manner.


trending jewellery chokers reliquia


Added to a loop of layers or worn alone, the choker holds this fierceness and feminine prowess. We consider it a power move. A single crystal cupped by your sternum – enchanting, mesmerising – or a string of pearls made modern, it’s a piece that will beg for re-wear every day and every night. A second skin.


gold jewellery trends 2024 big hoops reliquia


Size matters, and so does individuality, so play with shapes and textures, finishes and details. Clasp your lobes with a gradual build as part of an ear stack, starting with an oversized, confident hoop and scaling down the further you go. Stack big on big for extra-dramatic points (remember: no rules, only personality).


sculptural studs jewellery trend reliquia jewellery silver and gold


Like Hailey Beiber et al., wear sculptural studs. For the modern beauty with a penchant for vintage, these are heirlooms without decades of dirt. Fresh and invigorating for a year of ticking things off, getting things done, and pursuing our avenues of personal style.


mermaidcore reliquia jewellery trends beads


Here forever in the Reliquia heart, a call to the sea reins. We hear the siren song and stumble forward, adorning ourselves with layers of pearls, details of shell and a beach-ready attitude. So sweet and nostalgic, our girlie-satisfying touch for every look.