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      Timeless Jewellery: Essentials for Your Collection

      reliquia jewellery hoops pearl chains

      What would Grandma say?  

      We’ve always taken inspiration from our grandmothers’ jewellery boxes, containing precious heirlooms and memories. Old Hollywood starlets deliver the glamour and flirt with OTT styles that still retain their original classic touch. Defying age and time, these pieces would feel just at home worn on the city streets today as they would in their prime. Thank you, the resurgence of vintage styles and an emphasis on timelessness.

      We have fun reflecting the pieces once loved by the leading ladies (those on the screen and in our lives), tweaking them with modern twists to suit our lifestyle and needs. Today’s pieces are all about the beauty and sophistication without the fuss. As part of a minimalist wardrobe, these are the keepsakes to add to your collection – the ones you’ll wear on repeat.

      Chains made for layering (or solo wear)

      There’s no easier way to instantly update your look than with theclasp of a chain or two. Opt for a pendant style for a sweet, simple, everyday piece – an item that becomes synonymously your ‘look’, reflecting yourZodiac sign, yourbirthstone or your great love. Play with various weights to change up your look. Chunky screams sassy and powerful, while smooth and dainty calls for a delicate feminine approach.

      When layering, opt for varied weights, adding interest, texture and an extra shiny touch. 

      reliquia jewellery timeless necklaces


      A pair of everyday hoops

      Consider these your go-to, no matter the occasion. Aclassic gold hoop offers all the class with ease – a design that will never go out of style. Here, you can switch between weight and shape, whether you prefer a tight-knit relationship with the lobe (perhaps a perennially-cutehuggie or apetite take on the standard) or a dramatic and dangling addition. Make a sculptural choice to retain the classiness but stand out from the crowd.

      Up your wrist action

      Too often are our wrists forgotten – necks and ears, even fingers, steal the limelight. But these understated yet mighty joints have the potential to update any look (or boost your typing speed, if pretty things swishing along your keyboard make you work harder, better and faster. Count us in). Asimple chain dangled around the wrist speaks of elegance and refinement; stack multiple chains and add beaded accoutrements to make it personal. Another limb for dressing is always an exciting prospect.

      reliquia jewellery pearl chain classic hoop


      Pearls, always

      Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Coco Chanel: all major fans of the pearl. (We don’t blame them). A source of infinite, undeniable elegance, in the modern era, they pose an opportunity to explore. Push the limits of the feminine pearl and turn it into something a little less perfect, and a little more unique. Freshwater pearls are the ideal source of individuality – no two are the same – so find the material reimagined acrossnecklace andearring styles. Mix and match with your gold staples and find a look that suits your vibe, whether it’s preppy, beachy, vintage queen or contemporary glamour.  

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