Virgo Season: The Month Ahead

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August 23 - September 22

Perfectly manicured and outwardly put together. A stickler for cleanliness, details and organisation. An honest speaker, coaxing us all to be better and reach our potential.

The Month Ahead

With more Virgos than any other star sign, this is your month to reign. We're gleaning sparkling tips and dirt-free advice as Mercury goes retrograde – chaotic, yes, but also life-changing and affirming. The blue moon on August 31 (the second full moon of the month, also a supermoon) drives us inward, so lean in, get creative and open yourself to discovery.


Communication is shifting, but you can get away with a little more pragmatism – it's your birthday, after all. Channel these thoughts into personal love notes, emphasising the good (of course, while wearing the Lilou Huggies).             


Underlying feelings and tensions are complicated right now, and there's never been a better time to start a creative journal practice. Jot your dreams, thoughts and lists – the Grasse Ring for extra finger encouragement.                                                                   


 Get out of your head and into the community; try something new with a social twist. Head to a life drawing class or book into a local pottery studio for a crafty refresh. Clasp the Noelle Necklace to embrace everything and look the part.


The traveller and dreamer in you may feel increasingly stuck. Use the great outdoors as your muse, and pick up a pen or a brush, a notebook and yourself, documenting your finds. The Nantes Cuff for added inspiration.                          


Satisfy your need for higher learning and enrol in a new course. Use it to propel your professional opportunities, dabbling in graphic or web design, photography or nail art. You're ready for anything in the Carre Earrings.                                                           


Look after yourself as signals blare, pointing towards big personal change. Self-care can be creative, too, right? Craft the dreamiest bath scenario, concoct your trademark oil blend and play with the styling power of the Mathilde Necklace.


The retrograde comes with more tough moments, but this is your time to engage your weirdest and most wonderful self. Show off in your arty way, whipping up a killer look from the kitchen rags. Add a touch of drama with the Moyene Earrings


Energy is low this month, so find spirit and livelihood in nourishment. Get creative in the kitchen, finessing the art of kitsch cakescreamy desserts and fluffy meringue – a finger-licking good Sannois Ring for the pics.                                     


Our calm and practical rock during the chaos, you're returning to basics and planting your feet firmly. Call out the unfinished projects hiding in the drawer – that knitted tote deserves your attention. Make it sparkle with the Magali Huggies.


Home and family life are a little tumultuous, so recreate your haven, nurturing this space to your advantage. Dye old sheets naturally or print them with floral finds, colouring up your life. Find even more hue relief with the Edith Necklace.


Get nostalgic this month and holler the old creative pastimes back into existence. Weave friendship bracelets, play with chunky beads and be okay simply doodling in stick figures; create precious memories in the Odette Necklace

LEO / 

It's time to capture your authentic self, away from the gloss and hype. Wander the neighbourhood, pluck a few posies and practice your floral arrangement skills. A nice task for all the senses, adorned with the staple Taverny Cuff

Imagery: @zoeintheafternoon, @kaysthetics3000, @mariagdgsousa, @reliquiajewellery, @rachelsaundersceramics, @fjura_, @mubi, Flickr, @_peacheslacreme__

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