A Moment in the Artist's Corner with Eliza Gosse

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We love her work, and we love her vibe. Sydney-based artist Eliza Gosse is a multi-faceted and talented individual with a penchant for oversized suiting and dreamy architectural-inspired works. Add this to your summer reading list; let it inspire the new beginnings of 2023.

What is your philosophy and overarching aim when it comes to creating?

I paint what brings me joy and I hope over time this will evolve with me. There is nothing more wonderful than the feeling of painting and you know it’s a good one and things are aligning to make a wonderful picture that you will release into the world.

In your wardrobe and your work, what colours, patterns and motifs are you most drawn to and why?

Browns, creams, and pale tones with a brightly coloured accent to draw the eye. I suppose it’s probably similar when I dress! When I paint, I often take a photo of my subject matter and switch it to black and white so that I have full agency with colour, it’s a constant balancing act – the aim to capture the warmth of the Australian light.

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What is your typical outfit for a day of painting? And when you're not?

I’m an extremely neat painter, and an expert at getting paint out of clothes so I find I can wear almost anything to the studio. I move a lot when painting – contorting my body in odd angles to access the far corners of a canvas – for this reason pants or shorts are a must. I have a very hot studio on the second floor of a little Woolloomooloo terrace that gets beautiful afternoon light so a big loose shirt is ideal.

What does a normal day in your life look like?

A normal day starts with a morning run followed by a walk from my Potts Point apartment to my studio in Woolloomooloo. Walking to my studio is my time to think and get ready for a day of painting.

I share my studio with 5 other artists so there is always a conversation to be had or creations to be shared on my way up to the top floor of our terrace which we have converted into a studio.

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A day of painting could be at my desk drawing and planning or working with oil pants on a big canvas. While I paint I'm either blasting music or listening to an audio book.

In the evenings we have a little studio balcony we might have a beer on or otherwise an art opening to attend - I find painting to be a very calming career that come night time I crave being out and using the city.

Tell us about your studio. What is your interior aesthetic and how do you curate an inspiring space?

My studio is very neat compared to most artists, I need a tidy space to be able to work. I have a wonderful collection of tins, jars and pots I have collected from all over the world at various flea markets that house my paints, brushes and tools. I have lots of things stuck up on the walls like postcards, print outs of favourite paintings, pages from vintage Women’s Weekly’s and my drawings. My canvases from the current project hang on all four walls in various stages of completion so I can move from one to the next.

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Where do you find inspiration?

Travelling - I recently completed a series 'Pool Towels Are Softer At Tennis Clubs' from my travels in California and prior to that a series 'Bumpy Roads And Tip Top Sandwiches' on Australian motels. Travelling is such a wonderful source of inspiration for me.

My audience - Often I receive messages and emails from people who have seen my work sharing stories or old family photos - I have created two books from this sharing that picture my paintings alongside their memories.

Vintage home decorating books - This is my latest source of inspiration for my next solo show that will centre around interior spaces. I have some wonderful big books by Terence Conran. 

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Can you give us your top 3:

Self-care strategies

- A long walk to work

- Sitting in a cafe to work in my sketch book

- Making a new playlist to listen to in the studio - organising music is very relaxing

Workday snacks

- Almonds

- Frozen grapes

- Coconut water

Dinner party guests

My three favourite artists (living or dead)

- David Hockney

- Alex Katz

- Howard Arkley

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Feel-good tunes

I listen to a real range of music genres in the studio but when I'm feeling like a little groove I have a Spotify playlist called 'Chick Classics' - my favourite pop songs by females from the 90s to 2010s. Some of my favourites on the playlist are:

- Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer

- Breathless - The Corrs

- Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue

Are there any other up-and-coming artists we should keep an eye on?

Some of my favourite young Sydney artists are:

- Christopher Zanko's wood reliefs of houses of the South Coast

- Zara June Williams' gestural abstract paintings

- Giorgia McRae's geometric sculptures

- Holly Greenwood's depictions of Aussie pubs

- Bronte Leighton-Dore's painterly marks

Just to name a few...I could go on that forever. So many amazing young artists I admire.

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