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      A Moment in the Artist's Corner with Georgia Mcfarland

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      We love the picturesque seaside escapes depicted by Sydney-based artist, Georgia McFarland. As winter hits, her work transports us to warmer, longer days. Join us down the rabbit hole - the artist's corner - as we delve into Georgia's inspiration and work.

      What are your colour and art philosophies?

      I think colour can be used very differently depending on the artist using it and how they feel when creating a work. I use quite vibrant colours in my work. I've tried to use lighter and dustier colours in the past, but it never feels like it truly reflects me unless I put a colour pop in there.

      There are great artists out there, though, that paint in only neutrals and less vibrant colours, and that's why the colours artists use are so crucial to what makes the work theirs! The choices in artmaking always reflect the artist deeply and I think that's why so many are so critical of themselves and what they produce, including me. 

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      In your wardrobe and your work, what colours are you most drawn to? What do they say about you?

      There's really no limit to the colours I will wear and paint with, but the colours reflected in my wardrobe and my work most are whites, blues, greens, and pink-red tones. I think these colours say a lot more about me than I thought - they are all colours associated with many tones and moods.

      Light green and blues are perceived to be quite calm and natural colours, but have a side to them that is much deeper and bold in hue and really stands out. Similar with pink and red - they come from the same shade (because pink is light red) but one is perceived softer and the other a prouder colour.

      I think I possess many qualities and tones, a balance of masculine and feminine energy, like the colours I am drawn to.

      What is your typical outfit for a day with the paints?

      I try to wear older clothes when I paint so stains don't matter, but I'm very irresponsible and will sometimes paint in a nice outfit or something that's white! So basically, there is a wide range of painting outfits from my trackies to a cute set. The only thing is, it must be a comfortable outfit I can sit and move around in!

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      How do you create and curate an inspiring space? How do you define your interior aesthetic?

      Sounds cliché, but I think my interior aesthetic is artsy! It's probably a mix of traditional and eclectic styles. I like to have a mostly neutral space layered with texture and colour pops in décor and artworks. I'm lucky I can create my own works tailored for my space which adds a great feature and point of focus in a room.

      Where do you find inspiration?

      I find a lot of inspiration for my fashion, interiors and artwork from Pinterest. It's exciting to see new colour combinations and compositions in all areas; I get inspired to make them my own. 

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      Are there any other up-and-coming artists we should keep an eye out for?

      There are so many! At the moment I'm loving Phoebe Stone ( who does super cool still life pieces, Bridget Maher's (@bybridge_) work which is more abstract and natural, and Ella Dunn (@ellardunn) has such amazing figure and landscape works.

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