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aicha the fashion heist reliquia jewellery

Aicha - aka @thefashionheist - gives us her stylish lowdown.

Top 3 favourite Reliquia Collective pieces:

Hernan Necklace

Star Sign Necklace - Capricorn

Admirable Earrings

hernan necklace reliquia jewellery

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gold star sign capricorn reliquia jewellery

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admirable earrings reliquia jewellery gold statement

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Top 3 podcasts (or books if you aren't the podcast type):

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The Law of Attraction - Esther and Jerry Hicks

Diana Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years - Diana Vreeland

Top 3 Instagram accounts:


byranboy instagram


rowi singh instagram respiro reliquia


mira al-momani stylist instagram

Top 3 self-care strategies:

Daily journal entries

Morning stretch

Drinking plenty of water

Top 3 styling tricks for 2022:

Carry a scarf everywhere, it's a great way to add flair to an outfit when needed.

Necklaces as bracelets.

When buying a white shirt, always get the size up. Oversized always looks good.

aicha the fashion heist reliquia collective hernan necklace

Top 3 daily beauty rituals:

Body brushing

Wrapping my hair up

Lip balm

Top 3 movies:

The Prestige

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Secret Garden (1993 only)

the fashion heist aicha robertson samantha blazer blanca reliquia

samantha blazer butter blanca reliquia collective

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Imagery from @thefashionheist