Aquarius Season: The Month Ahead

reliquia jewellery aquarius season


January 20 - February 18

A moment in your head is like a lifetime in another’s, full of daydreams and big, bold worlds. Airy (but not fairy), you’ve got a free-spirited vibe with a rebellious streak. An individual, a trendsetter, a water bearer building communities and the new definition of ‘cool’.

The Month Ahead

We actively focus on the ins more than the outs, cultivating this little world of ours with as many bows and hearts and girlish cues as we like. Moving away from the new year’s pressure of goal-setting (and ditching), Aquarius season has us leaning into our individuality and reinvention. There are no rules to defining our creativity and passions. It’s time we be who we want to be.

With Pluto in Aquarius, feel the bubbling activism rise as community and connection, in reference to bigger world things, tug at our strings. On January 25, the Full Moon in Leo strikes. Loud emotions, lots of drama, heaps of fun: we’ve got these on the cards. As the first full moon of 2024, use it as an excuse to centre yourself. Rediscover and reprioritise the things that make you happiest. Express yourself with the fearlessness of the lion. Hold your self-worth like a cherished heirloom – the most precious jewel of them all.


It’s your month, so break free from the constraints (more than usual). Open your mind, push the boundary and take it as a huge compliment if the crowd follows your lead. Don the Everly Earrings and challenge the hoop status quo, too.


At a loss, sweet Pisces? Reconnect with yourself, and don’t be afraid to tap into your spiritual edge. Journal your dreams, jot your every thought, doodle the scene before you (as drab as it may seem). You’ll find beauty and purpose again with the Olivia Earrings.


Ambition is knocking at your woolly door, so open it wide and run out of your comfort zone. Diarise your career-edged goals – in cute organisation tools only for the ultimate creative, inspiring brain dump. Reach peak professionalism in the Brooklyn Earrings.


As reinvention takes hold, prepare to flip your happy place. Home is where your heart is, so light the candle you’ve been ‘saving’ and make a plan. Fresh sheets will do the trick, too. Your colour and vibe inspiration: the Tuscany Necklace.


Burn bright for exploration this month, as travel and the appeal of discovery send your heart aflutter. Go on, get out there. A day trip fits the bill – scheduled cafe, bar and vintage store stops essential – wearing the Valentina Huggies for full glow.


As a constant giver and emotional source, find your own support network. Double down on the friendships that feel right, question those that don’t, and let this chosen circle be a source of soul regeneration. The strong Orion Necklace for you.

LEO / 

Confidence might appear your natural state, but that’s not always the case. Find your most vibrant self away from the crowds with an evening of self-love – a bubbly bath, reality TV in the background – then re-enter with the bold af Atlas Ring.


You never need an excuse for downtime, but now it serves a vital purpose – finding joy in the little things and refiguring out your feelings. Hibernate until it feels safe. Wrestle with who you want to be, then come out in the glistening Bennet Bracelet.


It’s time to be a social butterfly and get creative. Use every outing and event as a gateway to explore each version of yourself – mob wife one day, commuter core stan the next, and crafty girl on another. The Rocky Necklace serves for all.


Grapple with all the emotions that have announced themselves since the festive season. Plenty of juicy family and home opinions require taking a moment’s break with a great playlist, a chunk of crafty charcoal and the infallibly beautiful Mia Earrings.


Halt your restless feet for a moment to reset and pick your pace for the year. Outside of big travel plans, dream up ways of building wonder into other areas of your life. What will you learn? What will you create? Rely on constant transportation with the Yara Necklace.


Hard-working as ever, look beyond your normal means of income and think up the new. Your hidden talent and undying passion may be a well of success – you never know if you don’t try. Make sure your digits look the part, too, with the Amaya Ring.

Imagery: @slow_roads, @megs_scents, @vogueitalia, @jillburro_w, @90slove4real, @nonnasgrocer, Akira Necklace by @laurenbamford, @thiagocmart.