Venturing into The Artist's Corner with Allie Webb

allie webb artist blanca marine shirt

You may recognise Allie Webb's distinctive linocut artworks depicting various black-and-white dining scenes. There's a lot of pasta, fish, wine and eggs (all the things we love), so we were hungry for a chat. Check out our quick debrief below and mark your diaries for her upcoming exhibition at Olsen Annexe (19th October - 5th November). 

What is your philosophy and overarching aim when it comes to creating?

Working with what is true to me. I love the idea that all things are connected which is another reason using only black in my prints makes sense to me.

In your wardrobe and your work, what colours, patterns and motifs are you most drawn to and why?

In my work, I'm drawn to shapes, they could be geometric, spiky or biomorphic, whatever. I like to use them together to create compositions or new meanings. With linocuts, I like to distill a scene to its basic form and energy, omitting details to form a stronger expression.

In my wardrobe, I keep it pretty minimal with just a few patterns but mainly block colours. I love things that are well cut or fun proportions, like the Blanca shirts.

allie webb artist blanca reliquia collective marine shirt

What is your outfit for a typical day of creating?

I wear loose fitting clothes when I'm drawing charcoal so I an be gestural and move my body around. I need my hair up and love the classic tortoise shell clips from Reliquia.

What is your studio like?

My studio has my print press, a large, clean area to create work on the walls. Sometimes my prints are too big to make on a table so I lay everything out on the floor. All my books - I have a huge collection of art and cook books I refer to. I've got a space for setting up still lives where the light comes in from the North.

How do you create and curate an inspiring home and studio space?

My home is filled with art that I love and vintage posters and trinkets from around the world. I love to think about shapes, texture and colour. I'm big on warm, earthy, internal colours like terracotta, yellow ochre and black but I also adore Lapis Lazuli and olive green.

I need spaces that are cosy and snug for reading books and then large areas to let your mind wander and breathe.

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Where do you find inspiration?

I find lots of inspiration from going out to restaurants or walking around the city. I also love going to Italy and staring at ancient art, especially Roman wall paintings and carvings. I love @mimithor for Italian travel.

Are there any other up-and-coming artists we should keep an eye on?

I seem to always look to the past and dead artists ha! People who I admire that are actually alive are Danielle Orchard, Henni Alftan, Brian Rego, Yedidya Hershberg.

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