Birthstone Series: Exploring August's Peridot with Ilaaf Hammoud

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Blink, and you may have missed the month that was. Surprise, it's August!

On the edge of spring, we spotlight content creator and model Ilaaf Hammoud. The August-born Virgo holds true to her stipulated traits, so let's call her analytical, detail-oriented, hardworking and practical. Here's how she celebrates and gets inspired. 

Give us a rundown of your perfect birthday.

There are two perfect ways that I would love to spend my birthday. One of them would be on a tropical island or roaming the streets of Italy or Spain. Or having an intimate get-together celebrating with my friends, family and loved ones.

Do you have any birthday rituals or traditions?

My birthday tradition is to be 'surprised' with a cake by my family. It's safe to say, I love this tradition. It wouldn't feel like my birthday without it.

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What is the most treasured gift you have ever received? And what are you hoping to receive this year?

This is a hard question to answer – I feel like there are different types of gifts. Some are sentimental, and some are material. I love receiving both! But I can't think of my most treasured gift.

This year will be such a different experience for me because I'll be celebrating with my fiancé for the first time, so maybe he's keeping note of all the things I've said I want.

The August birthstone is Peridot: how do you choose to wear the gem?

The Peridot stone is such a beautiful shade of green, and it would be best worn as a necklace – that way it would be a beautiful feature in any outfit.

What gets you most excited for the year ahead?

I love being excited about doing new things, having new experiences and also reaching new milestones. I feel like I thrive off doing more and doing better, so I always get myself excited. 

On my birthday, I always like to think of the last birthday and the emotional, mental and physical state I was in and compare it to this year's birthday. Asking myself questions like, "Am I happier?", "What needs to change?", "Why?"

reliquia jewellery ilaaf hammoud pearl necklace august birthstone pearl pendant

Can you give us your top three:

Current sources of inspiration -

Sofia Richie

Generational wealth fashion

The Barbie movie

Things to read -

The last 3 books I read were:

It Ends With Us – Colleen Hoover

A Good Girls Guide To Murder – Holly Jackson

A Muslim Woman's Diary – Sumaya Amiri

Things to listen to -

Crime Junkie

Just Delusional 

The Handbags

(I really am a podcast girlie these days)

Winter activities -

Anything that includes food!

Staying in for a movie night

Games night

reliquia jewellery ilaaf hammoud mathilde necklace birthstone series

The August Birthstone: Peridot

Gorgeous in its yellow-green colour, the Peridot is an intriguing and other-worldly stone – quite literally, as the "sun gem" is found in hardened lava from the Earth's depths or fallen meteorites. Believed to hold protective powers, it promotes calmness, compassion and restful sleep. A deeply appropriate gift for all our August-born proud Leos and deep-thinking Virgos. Find comfort and peace here, with a hint of lustre hanging from your neck and ears. 

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