Celebrating Self-Love: Valentine's Day with Reliquia Jewellery

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While Valentine’s Day is normally a huge celebration of all things red and rosy, this year we’re looking inward. More than romantic love, more than platonic love and more than the love you have for your pooch, it’s self-love that gets us up and grooving each day. We asked a bunch of our muses and favourites for their favourite act of self-love. Get inspired below, then schedule your bath time and shop The Lover Edit. Happy Valentine’s, (self) lovers. 

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Sophie McIntyre – Founder of Club Sup

Real self-care has become super important since running a small business solo. For me it’s not about superficial things – it is all about calming my nervous system so I can find the brain space to stay creative. Last year, one of my besties who is famous for her self-care rituals got me into doing a sauna and cold plunge at Melbourne’s Sense of Self and if I can’t get there I love to book in for an acupuncture session to melt away any stress.

Dearna EatonPhotographer and Digital Creator

My favourite act of self love is putting more time and energy into my health. Feeling my best on the inside to feel great on the outside 

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Anthea Counsel – Founder of Street Pilates

Definitely a bubble bath and face mask combination. I love to lock myself away in the bathroom with a good book for some ultimate me time. 

Kristy WuDigital Creator

Putting your energy into doing the things that make you feel good. For me, meditating has become a daily practice which has really changed my life; you're investing time in your thoughts and feelings instead of being consumed with distractions and, ultimately, becoming self aware is the most important step of learning to love yourself. Surrounding yourself with people who nourish your soul and setting strong boundaries without feeling guilt is also really important because you have to do the things that make you feel good.

Asheda Weekes – Founder of I Do Club

My favourite act of self-love is taking myself out on dates. I romanticise the idea of sitting solo at a wine bar, exploring a gallery and sitting in the cinemas alone (main character energy perhaps? haha). I think it's the empowerment of being present with one's self, thoughts and surroundings, and not relying on the distraction of company to feel good or loved. It's something I need to make space for more often.

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Poppy DelilahKinesiologist and Co-Founder of Fine & Dandy

My favourite act of self-love is just making time for myself – scheduling a bath with my book, taking the time to pick a fun outfit for the day or making myself something delicious to eat.  I love turning simple everyday moments into acts of self love <3


Georgia Grace – Somatic Sexologist and Co-Founder of Normal


Self love is leaving emails unanswered when the working day is over, opting for frequent moments of pleasure throughout my day, saying no to things that don't feel fun/exciting, long ocean swims, and of course - orgasms.


Kate Shanasy – Photographer

My fave act of self-love is a weekly immersion in nature; a dip in a rockpool at sunset or a clifftop walk at the back beach; listening to music and getting smacked around by wind and salty seaspray. Then I come home to soak in my outdoor bath to admire my native garden and my bees! It's actual bliss.

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Sophie Marshall – Founder of Gentle Habits

Self-love for me is my series of 'gentle habits' — they're also the namesake for my business. These are the things I do daily for myself, from burning incense to meditation and mindful movement. Our dive masks allow me to find stillness underwater, which is a beautiful place for solo escape.

Neenee DiveContent Creator

As a fashion influencer, my favourite act of self-love extends beyond curating a stylish wardrobe. I prioritise my emotional well-being by taking the time to understand my feelings. Daily meditation is a crucial part of my routine, offering a quiet space for self-reflection and fostering a harmonious balance between inner peace and outward creativity.


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