If you haven't spied the glorious colour and whimsy of Mannequin Hands yet, it's time you hopped on over and entered the rainbow world. Victoria Houllis is the mastermind behind these nail creations, so we asked her a few questions about inspiration, daring to embrace boldness, and nail care tips.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs and use of colour?

My main sources of inspiration are fashion and art. There's nothing more fun to me than taking elements of new collections or playful art and finding new ways to apply it to nails!

My favourite Instagrams to follow for aesthetic inspiration are easily:

- @hattiemolloy

hattie molloy floral installation

- @domusvim

domus vim lighting inspiration

- @cacarrracha

carla uriarte painting

What nail trends are coming in hot and heavy for summer 2020? What is your favourite nail style at the moment?

Blob nails are trending big time, definitely not suitable for every lifestyle but so much fun!

For a more pared back look this summer I feel like neon gradient and tips never get old. And simple daisies! 

mannequin hands pastel nails

For those of us who tend to stick to a neutral palette and are unsure of playing with colour, what do you recommend as a starting point on the colour journey?

A coloured french tip, or coloured squiggles are a fun entry point for adding a little colour to your nails!

And starting with colours you know you won't get sick of looking at is definitely key. 

With more time spent at home and the closure of many salons, we've been experimenting a little more ourselves. What products do you recommend for a home manicure? How can we have (mess-free) fun with our nails when doing it ourselves?

I can't go past OPI or Kester Black. For those who have had to cut down on beauty spending, I find Essence nail polish to be great too! An angled brush with a little acetone on the end is perfect for cleaning up little mistakes!

As for great intro tools, grab a dotting tool or a toothpick and kick off your nail art with some cute dot work. From there you can do clouds, daisies and Yayoi Kusama inspired sets!

Do you have any general nail care tips you stick to for maintaining strength and health?

Keep your hands covered while dishwashing and doing household chores!

Moisturise your hands as often as possible and try to avoid filing back and forth - file inwards from each direction.

Also keep a file on hand in case of any surprise breaks!

mannequin hands french tips

How does the colour you experiment with on nails translate into your personal style and accessorising?

My wardrobe is pure mayhem so I'll only ever match one item at a time, but I always keep my metal charms gold because I'm a gold girl with my jewellery through and through!

What is your favourite way to wear jewellery with bold nails?

I'm definitely not a less is more kind of girl, so I have no shame in layering it up and letting both nails and stacked rings shine!

classic signet ring

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kamala ring

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blue seneca ring

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Main imagery via @mannequin.hands

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